Life is Lovelier with Lace. . . And Threaded Memories of The 4th

Hummer: Are you doing anything on the 4th?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Well, apparently not. Schedules are conflicting.

Hummer: That would be Tim’s and your schedules, I would guess? (Since your kids are not around.)

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Right. Work schedules. But even if we were both off, there is still the weather.

Hummer: The weather?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yes! It’s too hot to be outdoors.

Hummer: Very true. But then, swimming comes to mind.

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yes. That’s the only place to be in the heat!

Hummer: I agree!

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Ludvigson Lace Lady: But at my age now, the swimsuit only comes out for the grandchildren! All inhibition goes out the window for them!

Hummer: Yes! And the uninhibited camera too!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Only for the grandchildren! And then, only when they are situated in front of this grandma!

So what we will do now, on the 4th – in our empty nested, easily overheated, aged bodies – is to reminisce about past 4ths.

Hummer: And, of course, the reminiscing happens in air conditioned comfort!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Because our current location happens to be…Texas heat.

Hummer: Yes. But there was Arkansas heat too. Just like Texas.

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Minnesota was the best, in July!

Hummer: Loved it!

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Ludvigson Lace Lady: I think we are forgetting about the mosquitos. They would drive any Minnesotan indoors just as fast as the Texans gravitate to the ac unit!

Hummer: Well, I guess there is no perfect place to live. Or, better yet, let’s learn from the ‘snowbirds!’

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Ludvigson Lace Lady: When the snow flies in Minnesota, head south; When the southern summer heat reigns, head north.

Hummer: Or, just enjoy the fireworks on your living room couch in the the beloved air conditioning.

Ludvigson Lace Lady: It’s an age thing, isn’t it?

Hummer: Yes, but that’s ok. Let’s be old! Let’s dig out the 4th of July memories with a sweatshirted air conditioning chilled.

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Life is Lovelier with Lace…

It is also possible to crochet lace while watching televised fireworks! ☺

So, this year will be a much more relaxed holiday. And I will thoroughly enjoy hooking a brand new shop item:

♡♡ Beaded Beverage Veils♡♡

I can’t wait to begin!

Lacey ♡ Lover’s Knot ♡ Scarf ♡ Victory Red

Of course, if the grandchildren choose to surprise Tim and me with their presence on the 4th, my swimsuit will come out of hiding! Down to the pool we will go! Hint, hint.

Lacey ♡ CloverFields ♡ Wrap ♡ Victory Red

No hinting will not produce grandchild reality from their four-cornered global positions. So, the hook will likely win over the swimsuit.

No matter how the festivities are enjoyed, may the snap, crackle and pop in sparkling red, white and blue take precedence in celebrating the birthday of our great nation: The United States of America!

and add a little lace. Crocheted lace.

Lacey ♡ ShellBead Necklace ♡ Red☆White☆Blue

Happy 4th,

Debbie Ludvigson

The Ludvigson Lace Lady

Ludvigson Lace Lady


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Life is Lovelier with Lace. . . Memorial Day 2018

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Ludvigson Lace Lady: Another Memorial Day is here. Another opportunity to remember the courage and sacrifice of the men and women who fought for the freedom we enjoy, as Americans.

Hummer: Yes. We do not begin to comprehend their sacrifice.

Ludvigson Lace Lady: And I to have Tim to thank for finally understanding this.

Hummer: How’s that?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: History; it was my lack. What I did not know made me ungrateful. I was uninformed. Ignorant. Selfish. But when Tim and I were first married, I recognized in him a hunger for history. He modeled his hunger by what he chose to read. And he read it varcariously.

If I chose to read, it would be of of a different topic. Usually a christian psychology variety.

Hummer: How could you have totally missed history throughout your childhood?

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Ludvigson Lace Lady: I am not sure! But I am quite embarrassed to have to admit it!

Hummer: I’m sorry.

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Besides my differing reading choices, my time was taken elsewhere. And there was no one advising me to carve out opportunity for history.

Maybe there were fewer resources available. Historical authors may have been beyond my reach. Or my choice of resource to read was on the other side of the library shelf!

I even worked at a Christian bookstore! But I was reading books for college credit at that time. And history was not in my lineup.

Hummer: With no internet, there was no easy access to historical facts, like there is today.

Ludvigson Lace Lady: That’s true! If I have a question now, all I have to do is Google it! And I get instant information! It wasn’t that way in my earlier life. I would have had to seek with diligence to find anything.

Hummer: So, how did Tim change this?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Well, one cold winter night, I was just home from work. Tim was working later. I had a few hours for myself, wondering what I should do! The thought came to mind, “I could read!” This was a rare thought; I usually only read for college credit! But I was open to casual reading this particular night.

There were not many books on our newlywed shelves at this time. And what books we did have, were Tim’s, for the most part.

Hummer: And what were Tim’s books about?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Ummmm…history! Yes! I can honestly say all were historically founded!

Hummer: Well, there you have it!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: I remember thinking, “How boring!”

Hummer: Oh my! I hope you didn’t tell him that!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Oh, of course not! I didn’t have to. He knew, I’m sure.

Hummer: So did you pick up one of those boring books and start reading?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Actually, yes, I did!

Hummer: What lucky book was it?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Oh! It was Peter Marshall’s book, From Sea to Shining Sea. An excellent book about the founding of the United States of America.

Hummer: Excellent, I agree!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: I read a few pages, and disciplined myself to continue. One chapter at a time. I read about Christopher Columbus. And then the pilgrims.

Hummer: The Thirteen Original Colonies.

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yes. When I began reading about General George Washington and Valley Forge, I began to cry.

Hummer: Cry?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Actually, I wept. General George Washington and his men were out in the bitter cold with no boots. Barefoot! With available old rags they wrapped their feet, to keep from frostbite.

Hummer: I guess they were waiting for government supplies. And it was a cold winter wait.

Ludvigson Lace Lady: And here I sat, toasty warm under my afghan, with the furnace blasting heat. Spoiled!

Hummer: Yes, you were.

Ludvigson Lace Lady: My life had to change from that point on! Not a change that anyone would see, but an abrupt change, nonetheless.

Hummer: How was that?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: I began to read history!

Hummer: Good for you!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Little by little, I nibbled on historical information. With a bit of this background, current events also began to hold my intehistoryrest.

Hummer: Current events?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yes. When we would turn on the evening news, I began to understand the context of the newsbites. And with Tim’s added references, I actually developed my own perspectives – as an American citizen.

Hummer: Good for Tim!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: And as the old saying goes, “the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know!”

Hummer: So true!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Working fulltime, my reading time was limited. And I could always find even more excuses not to read. But as Tim always found the time; so I would too.

Time marched on. Reading history continued to be Tim’s priority; it waxed and wained with me. But I was doing better in this pursuit!

What really gave me the needed impetus was my homeschool commitment. It was time to focus on our boys’ education, and most certainly a good dose of history would be included. Our curriculum choice would reflect that!

Hummer: Now that’s a big decision!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: It was, for sure! And there was so much curriculum to choose from! I remember feeling so relieved for strong history emphasis throughout them all.

Hummer: Great!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: And I would most definitely continue learning right along with my boys!

Hummer: They enjoyed the history. I could tell!

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Ludvigson Lace Lady: My lack would not to be repeated in them, that was for sure!

Life is Lovelier with Lace. . .

And I can rest assured my boys have absorbed a lot of history . With generous amounts of historically focused materials Tim and I can rest knowing they are better prepared than I was!

Where is my lace in all of this historical rhetoric? Have no fear! It was near! Imagine, if you will:

It’s 3pm, most any day of the week; the Ludvigson boys and their mom meet in a designated spot (usually the living room); a historical biography is pulled of the shelf and opened to where they left off the day before; one reads aloud while the others listen; hands are busy drawing/Art credit!; the mom (if not reading aloud) …crochets!

So, either I am sharpening my reading skills, or my crochet hooks! And we are all learning our history!

History and war rather go together. So as we have been learning history, we have become familiar with the accompanying wars. And we have great appreciation for the American soldiers.

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Since those early newlywed years, Memorial Day has taken on new meaning for me. I truly salute each and every American soldier, for his courageous given his life for me. And for evry American citizen. May we show honor to each fallen soldier this Memorial Day. And by honoring our soldiers currently serving, and our beloved veterans.

With Memorial Day gratefulness,

Debbie, The Ludvigson Lace Lady


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Life is Lovelier with Lace. . . Rocky Mountain Threads

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Those majestic Rockies were climbed by yours truly, long before I learned to crochet!

Hummer: My! That goes way back! You’ve been crocheting for multiple decades!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yes, it was quite a while ago. I was probably seven years old the first time. I can only figure that because my youngest sibling was not able to go, at probably two. He stayed home with our grandparents. He and our cat.

Hummer: You’re getting off track. A rabbit trail…

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Actually, it was a cat trail. On the railroad tracks just beyond Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

Hummer: Oh dear. Now you are really wandering!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Well, yes, I am! And our dearly beloved cat wandered too! Far away from Grandma’s house!

And when we returned from our Colorado camping trip, our cat was gone! For good! My little brother remained. But no cat!

It was Grandpa who probably explained to us kids that it probably took off toward the railroad tracks. Grandma inserted that my little brother was swinging our little cat around and around by its tail.

“And that was good reason for it to leave,” Grandpa said.

For the many years that followed, as we drove to Grandma’s house over a bridged route, from the back seat, I examined those tracks hoping to find it. Never did.

Hummer: My goodness. That cat must have been special to you. Do you remember its name?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: No, I don’t. And the cat was easily replaced. I think I was more sad that it was afraid, and chose to leave. I probably just wanted to comfort it.

Hummer: I suppose as a seven year old empathatic child the traumatized animal was just as important to you as the two week Colorado trip that your mom and dad had been planning for months, hoping you would retain a lifetime of mountain memories!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Probably. The mountain memories were retained too! I collected rocks while there! I enjoyed showing them to everyone! In fact, my favorite one was described by me as, “really looking best when wet. The water made the rock appear like a piece of pork roast!”

Hummer: Oh my. That must have been quite a collection, if that was your favorite. 😊

Ludvigson Lace Lady: For a portion of our Colorado stay, we camped next to this huge boulder which overlooked the campgrounds and the mountains. It was our spot. We sat atop observing all of Colorado life: the mountains, the birds, the chipmunks and the campers. We even got permission to eat our meals up on that rock.

Hummer: It must have been special to you. What else do you remember?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Hiking! We followed our dad down many a trail. Dad would tell us to beware of bears. “If you see one, don’t climb a tree; bears can climb, you know!”

Hummer: I would be in a panic. Well, before the panic, I would feel relief.

Hummer: Relief?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yes. Relief that I would not have to climb one of those huge pines! There were no lower branches! It would be next to impossible!

Hummer: Ok, relieved. And why the panic?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: My dad alternative to tree climbing was, “make a lot of noise!”

Hummer: That sounds more doable. Why panic over that!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: I could not imagine making enough noise to scare a bear.

Hummer: Well there was quite a few of you hiking together. There was noise, I’m sure.

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yes, but. Somehow the next trick to fool a bear was to freeze. Stand absolutely still.

Hummer: Ooh!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yes! That’s what I was thinking! There’s no way I would be able to freeze. I would take off running.

Hummer: And that would have been a sure way to become the bear’s lunch!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: That must have been why my dad was so intense. In all actuality, Dad was the noisiest of us all! He would talk and sing all the way up and down the trail.

Hummer: He was hoping you would all join in, so he didn’t have to solo the bears away!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Now I finally understand!

Hummer: Any other Rocky Mountain memories?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Oh, there are tons! So many are just tidbits of my parent’s campsite methods. They had it down to a science.

Hummer: Like what?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Our unique homemade tent trailer was built to sleep four adults. We fit our partial family of six in that space.

Hummer: Six?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: (Remember, the two year old was left with grandparents, along with our cat. Hey! Maybe that is why he stayed home! There was absolutely no room for a seventh person in the camper!)

Hummer: Efficiency at its best!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Mom and Dad were on one side. My older sister and I were on the other side. Where there was a movable table in the center, bunk beds were the design for my two younger brothers!

Hummer: Crunchie times!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: And Dad only allowed one box per each child for personal belongings.

Hummer: Box?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yes. Somehow he acquired four heavy duty liquor boxes that fit underneath the bed overhangs. And that was it! ‘We would not need anything that would not fit in our boxes.’

Hummer: Your dad was thinking!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: But that’s not all! Dad made wooden kitchen cabinets for our camp kitchen!

Hummer: Wooden?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yes! And wooden for a very important reason: creatures in the campground!

Hummer: Really!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: And they worked! One early morning I was awakened by my dad’s growl! He was spooking a couple of black bears who were curiously rattling these wooden, food filled cabinets!

Hummer: Did they manage to get them open?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: No! They left with nothing. And Dad had an added campfire story!

Hummer: That would be a good one! Did you do a lot of campfires?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Oh, yes. And of course, Dad was center stage. He had his songs that he would sing. Everytime. So much so that today, if a spark of a campfire would fly, the songs – without Dad’s help – would flow out of my mouth. And they would do the same with each of his children. And his grandchildren.

Hummer: What were the songs?

Click here for Ludvigson Lace Lady’s blog: ‘Life is Lovelier with Lace. . . and the Guitar’:

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Well, with his guitar, he would sing:

•It’s a long, long summer (autumn/winter/spring), and what do the birdies do then, the poor things…🎶

•My name is John Johnson, I come from Wisconsin…🎶

•Old McDonald had a farm…🎶

•John Jacob Jingle Harmard Schmitt, that’s my name too…🎶

Hummer: Ok. Thank you. That’s quite enough!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: And that’s probably what our camping neighbors thought, too! But it was fun!

Click here for Hummer’s Blog: “Hummingly. . . Unsung Campfire”

Hummer: Did you hope to pass on some of these camping traditions on to your family?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Oh yes, we did. And those stories are just waiting to be told! Another time.

Life is Lovelier with Lace. . .

Yes. More time would be needed to tell stories of Tim’s and my experiences camping with our Ludvigson boys. Some of my dad’s unique camping equipment just can’t be duplicated! But his impressions were deeply embedded in all of us.

If you add to all my mom and dad’s unique camping techniques, Tim’s upgradings, plus, the grown Ludvigson boys’ military methods, you’ve got camping extravaganza!

But, as usually happens, time and age move on with a vengeance, leaving you with broken or rusted camping clutter in your garage, accompanied by aged, tired and stiff owners of that camping clutter – who are just glad for the memories, which never grow old.

Threading lacey Rocky Mountain highs,

Debbie, Ludvigson Lace Lady


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Life is Lovelier with Lace. . . and a Lacey Mother’s Day

A Lacey Mother’s Day

Ludvigson Lace Lady: One reason to treasure Mother’s Day is for its dressed up beauty! Let’s face it, Mother’s Day always involves lace! Whether dressing up the her dinner table, wrapping her gift or selecting her card: lace.

Hummer: Unless you are not incline toward the Ludvigson Lace Lady’s lace prejudice!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Ok. Some may not appreciate lace as much as I do. They will come around. In time. In time. Now, back to the necessity of lace on Mother’s Day.

Hummer:  What lace do you wish to bring to the forefront on this special occasion?


 Ludvigson Lace Lady: Well, let’s see. First, there is the newest lace item: NeckLACE. The NeckLACE was named by LUDVIGSON LACE’s CEO: Tim Ludvigson. So close to the trending choker, but not quite. It can be loose or tighter, on your neck.

I wanted to design the NeckLACE to be one standard size, so it would be easily chosen to wear by any and all.

Hummer: So what size is it?

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Blog: The Mom Song

Ludvigson Lace Lady: The NeckLACE is 17 inches. This will work for all women.

Hummer: And young ladies! Your granddaughters wear this!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yes! And so adorning it is on them!

The cotton threaded crochet is extremely light, making it quite comfortable.

So, measure your long, smooth neck, and pick a color!

Hummer: Yes! Find a match for your spring and summer outfits! What else have you got in your shop for Mother’s Day?

LUDVIGSON LACE ♡ Hospitality Square Tabletop

Ludvigson Lace Lady: How about a Hospitality Square Tabletop, complete with the hospitable pineapple crocheted in the design. For your mom, who might have entertained a crowd at her dining room table for decades, you can bet she still thinks about centerpieces! And every centerpiece needs a doily under it!

Hummer: In lovely springtime pastels!


Ludvigson Lace Lady: Or another specialty doily in my shop: The Petal Doily. In lieu of the Hospitality Square pineapples, this round flaring style encompasses flower petals. Perfect for a Mother’s Day bouquet.

Hummer: I love it! I’ve watched the petals come to life in that doily for many a year!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yes. It was my first crochet project. And will probably be my next project once again! I am getting ready to crochet some tea veils, using the Petal design!

Click here for Ludvigson Lace Lady’s blog, Life is Lovelier with Lace. . . And the Un-Happy Mother’s Day:

Blog: The Un-Happy Mother’s Day

Hummer: Oh! I’ll be watching! Anything else in your shop, for Mother’s Day?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yes. How about the CloverFields Summer Afghan! For the summer air conditioning chill!

And most importantly, Legacy Letters! For the family name. Very endearing for all mothers, I am sure!

Hummer: What if none of these suggestions seem right?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Well, there is a lot more in my shop! Please click on by and browse! Let me know what you think!


Life is Lovelier with Lace…

Even more important than the lace, is the proceeds that will be donated in defense of life: Lila Rose/Live Action, in defense of Life:

What better time than on Mother’s Day to recognize the unborn endangered by abortion. Or, infanticide. And even euthanasia. Life of all ages is under attack. It is difficult to fathom, but it is nonetheless true.

I am so grateful for the efforts of many prolife organizations; They all have my attention. But Tim and I have chosen Lila Rose for donations.

LUDVIGSON LACE ♡ Legacy Letters  ♡

Please get to know Lila Rose,and join us in supporting her efforts. By the way, did you know Lila is getting married?!! I am so happy for her! It will be fun watching the wedding plans unfold!


And I am quite certain there will be at least a little lace! We’ll have to wait and see!

Advocating lace for mothers,

Debbie Ludvigson

Ludvigson Lace Lady


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Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Life is Lovelier with Lace. . . And the Un-Happy Mother’s Day


Ludvigson Lace Lady: Such pain, it was.

Hummer: What pain are you talking about? You’ve had everything from Swimmer’s Ear pain to back pain to multiple types of surgery recovery pain. Which are you referring to?

Click here for “Life is Lovelier with Lace. . . And the Left Turn”

Ludvigson Lace Lady: None of those. Although each one you mentioned – and even more – was very painful. The pain I am speaking of is the pain of infertility.

Hummer: Oh, yes. You had heartbreaking pain. I remember.


Ludvigson Lace Lady: I had it then. I have it now. And I am quite certain I will have it in the future.

Hummer: What can you mean? Infertility is long gone, for you. You’re old now! You aren’t hoping to conceive still?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Of course not! I had a hysterectomy, you know!

Hummer: Oh, yes. I forgot! And you were rather young for that type of surgery!


Ludvigson Lace Lady: I sure was! In my 30’s. But I was ready for a uterus removal, nonetheless! Such pain! Endometriosis pain!

Hummer: No details, please. It was a gory period of time, I do recall. And rather regular!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yes! Every three weeks. Terrible abdominal pain and blood loss. Delirious. I would venture to say, it was similar to labor pain! Only no baby to hold, in the end. A monthly miscarriage.

Hummer: That must have been unbearable.


Ludvigson Lace Lady: I am thankful to be done with it. There is a time when a hysterectomy is necessary.

Hummer: That’s for sure.

Ludvigson Lace Lady: But the pain of Endometriosis was small compared to the pain of infertility, which accompanies it!

Hummer: Really?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yes. And I remember my frustration when researching Endometriosis back in the ’80’s, that the cure for it the Big E, as I called it, was to get pregnant.

Hummer: You mean the Big E’s cure is pregnancy; and the Big E causes infertility, meaning pregnancy won’t happen? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: I sure thought so! And it was like pouring salt on my wound.

Hummer: So with the infertility struggle, you experienced physical and emotional pain, simultaneously?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Exactly. And, those baby showers reigned weekly, in those youthful years! Devastating, to say the least. But I tried to remember to live by the scriptural truth, weep with those who weep, rejoice with those who rejoice.

Hummer: That was a difficult time for sure.


Ludvigson Lace Lady: And as I was then spending more time collecting energy to rejoice through an aching infertile heart, now in my later years of life, I find myself weeping with those infertile, who are weeping as I had been. My painful memories have not faded. They are as real today as they were in the day of the experience.

Hummer: I suppose the soon coming Mother’s Day celebration might be a time when tender memories reemmerge?


Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yes. My heart feels a double portion of the bittersweet. For God has truly blessed me to be a mother of four adopted boys. But for those young ladies who are empty-armed on Mother’s Day, my heart still breaks. I remember the pain. I grieve afresh with them.

Hummer: Mother’s Day. It is right and good to spend time honoring mothers. This we should do, for sure.


Ludvigson Lace Lady: But also include those who are wanting to be mothers, but are not. Yet.

Hummer: Yes! So easily accomplished! A rose can be given to the infertile, waiting woman along with the fertile mom holding multiple babes. This would be in the typical Sunday church service.

Click here for “Life is Lovelier with Lace. . . And the Male Delivery”

Ludvigson Lace Lady: That is the best way to handle Mother’s Day Sundays. A floral bouquet can be an encouragement for both fertile and infertile ladies als

God never wastes the painful experienes of life. And that is true with infertility. And He has not wasted the pain I felt. I truly weep with those who weep on Mother’s Day.

Hummer: And I am glad you do. I know it encourages the others who are weeping. And God’s comfort flows through you to them. It’s God’s way.


Life is Lovelier with Lace…

This is so true. I suffered, so that I can share in the suffering of others. And in doing so, the suffering ones are encouraged. And that is good.

While crocheting lace, I do my best to bring these desperate feelings to the Lord. The threads and my hook are intertwined in prayer! And that is a lovely thing! Producing a lovely thing!

Enjoy my lacey items in my shop! And please know that with every stitch, my heart understands and prays for the infertile ladies. Especially on Mother’s Day.


Weeping with my precious weepers,

Debbie Ludvigson

Ludvigson Lace Lady


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Lacey ♡ Hospitality Square Tabletop ♡ Peach

Life is Lovelier with Lace. . . and the Ludvigson Lawn Service Chauffeur

Hummer: I understand there is still snow in Minnesota.

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yup. And it’s April.

Hummer: The Minnesotans are not too happy about that.

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Well, they even had a white Easter!

Hummer: But, did they have that snow for a white Christmas last December?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: It won’t be long before they are experiencing the beautiful spring weather that Texans currently enjoy! And when spring does arrives for Minnesotans, they will enjoy it much longer than we will in Texas !

Hummer: It’s amazing, the difference in just a few hundred miles.

Ludvigson Lace Lady: For sure! But there is one green thing that does not change, whether Minnesotan or Texan!

Hummer: What’s that?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Grass. Cutting it. Frequently. In the spring.

Hummer: Don’t you know! You spent a lot of time with the Ludvigson Lawn Service during those peek seasons! What did you do, anyway? I know you weren’t allowed on the mowing field!

The Ludvigson Lawncare Service

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Sure wasn’t! But nonetheless, it was a productive time! The fresh air of spring in the driver’s seat of the family van, turned Ludvigson Lawncare Service transport vehicle, with my crochet hook and thread in hand!

They tackled the customer’s lawn while I tackled the Petal doily pattern!

The Ludvigson Lace Lady…on the road!

Hummer: Wow. Multi-tasking Ludvigsons, at their best!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: For sure. And since it was usually a school day, and the lawncare team was school age, it was prudent that the homeschool teacher/mom was along for the ride!

Hummer: I bet the customers were happy to see you too!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yes. Probably so. I waved hello to a customer once in a while. But the lawncare business was solely run by the four boys, other than me driving.

Hummer: How did this all begin?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Let’s see now. I believe it started with our neighbor to our north. They were elderly.

Hummer: Elderly. There seems to be an elderly thread that has run through the story of your family’s life!

Click below for Life is Lovelier with Lace. . . And the Music Tyrant:

Ludvigson Lace Lady: I agree! But it was definitely God’s thread! We just followed His lead! Anyway, our dear elderly neighbors paid us a visit one evening, asking if our oldest son might like the job of mowing their lawn.

Hummer: Really? How old was your oldest at this time?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Eleven. Not really old enough to handle a mower yet, Tim and I were thinking. Our own lawn was still mowed by Tim or me. It was a beautiful lush green 1/4 acre, and we used a riding lawn mower. Of course the young boys had not started to help us, at this point.

Hummer: So, did you allow Ryan to take the job? I guess you did, as you were sharing how the lawnservice started!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yes, Ryan took on the job. And he did great! In fact, as the other neighbors were looking out their windows, their inquiries were added to Ryan’s docket! And he was soon mowing weekly for a number of neighbors!

The Ludvigson Lawncare Service…staff meeting?

Hummer: Plus school?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Oh, yes. School was first priority. We mowed when in need, but school assignments were completed each day, as their studies required. Daily. Weekly. Done.

Hummer: So, when did the other sons get involved? They must have been eager to mow!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Our next son was only about eight when Ryan began mowing, but he was, yes, greatly desiring to participate! If my memory hasn’t failed me, Brent began training on our yard as soon as he was strong enough and wise enough (!) to handle the push mower. It didn’t take him long. He was a natural.

Hummer: And Tim and you had to stop mowing, so Brent and Ryan practice their lawncare skills?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yes!

The (aging) Ludvigson Lawncare Service

Hummer: Must have been nice!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Oh, it was! But more than average attention was focused on looking out our windows! And evaluations were stiff. Quality was important!

Hummer: And then there were your third and fourth sons. They were too young, of course. At the start they were only about three and four.

Hummer: What did they do in the Ludvigson Lawn Service van? For they surely went along for the ride.

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yes, they were with me, wherever I happened to be. By the time there was a larger docket, Drew and Phillip were about six and seven. There was school they could work on in the van.

Hummer: And they were wishing to be mowing too?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yup. In fact, they were out of the van as they were needed, to assist in non-mowing needs.

Hummer: How many customers did the Ludvigson Lawncare Service have?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: There was about 10 – 12 customers.

Hummer: And in the spring, when the grass grows faster, that would be a busy week!

The Ludvigson Lawncare Service

Ludvigson Lace Lady: And it was! But they were motivated! They did not charge exorbitantly. They were young. Most customers were elderly. The price matched the situation.

Hummer: What about autumn leaves and winter snow? I understand the Ludvigson Lawncare Service expanded into these seasons?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: It seems they were even more busy during the Fall/Winter!

Click below for ‘Life is Lovelier with Lace. . .and (Raked) Autumn Leaves!’

Click below for ‘Life is Lovelier with Lace. . . Christmas Snow!’

Hummer: Well, what interesting times in the Ludvigson household!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Never a dull moment. All agree.

The Petal Doily

Life is Lovelier with Lace. . .

Never a dull moment is right. But I did enjoy putting all other tasks aside to chauffeur the lawncare business from one appointment to another!

Lacey ♡ NeckLACE ♡ LeafyGreen

My hook happily performed to the tune of buzzing lawnmowers! A free hand was needed every once in a while to swat a newborn mosquito! Interestingly, as the mosquito population grew in physical size and number, the summer grass grew a bit slower and the jobs were less frequent! ☺

Lacey ♡ NeckLACE ♡ Artic Waters Blue

All in all, LUDVIGSON LAWNCARE SERVICE and LUDVIGSON LACE coordinated well. Lawncare stories go far beyond what I am able to share. In fact, my lawncare memories run far short of their’s, for as always – I know there are trade secrets! Customers loved them. And I was proud to be around…chauffeuring.

The Ludvigson Lawncare Service had to close their doors as the Ludvigson family moved to Texas in 2008. It was a sad day for all. But it was great while it lasted. And many lessons were learned for future ventures!

Lacey ♡ CloverFields ♡ Wrap ♡ Cornsilk Yellow

Remembering a mosquito swat with three double crochets,

Debbie, the Ludvigson Lace Lady


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Life is Lovelier with Lace. . . Harvest Sheaves and Tares



“Oh, where do I start?” 

It was  the Ludvigson Lace Lady speaking to *Hummer, for they were once again conversing over coffee at the Ludvigson Lace Lady’s kitchen table.

Hummer: Well, what is on your heart?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: I’m not quite sure. Usually a cup of coffee with you brings my concerns to the surface.


Hummer: Tell me about your week. We’ll start there.

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Ok. Well, with Thanksgiving around the corner, I’ve been busy planning the Thanksgiving dinner. We will have quite a crew here this year again!

Hummer: That’s good!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yes! And as usual, everyone coming will bring part of the feast! They will bring different vegetable dishes, favorite salads, rolls and an assortment of pies!  So all I really have to do is make the turkey and dressing!


Hummer: Where will you seat everyone?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: That will take some thought. And moving of furniture! I guess I will need that extra time.

Hummer: Well, the work will be worth it. The time together will bring lasting memories.

LudvigsonLace Lady:  Memories. Now that word draws me closer to where I need to start our coffee chat.

Hummer: Oh really? Why is that?


Ludvigson Lace Lady: You’re the Hummer. You know the hymns. There is one Thanksgiving hymn that I just recently contemplated all the verses. That would be, including the most often unsung verses: Come, Ye Thankful People, Come. 

The song is so familiar!  But only the first and second verse. We sing them every Thanksgiving season.

Hummer: Yes. I guess I will need to refresh my memory too.

(With a simple google the complete song was before them.)

Ludvigson Lace Lady: The first verse we know. But then the second speaks of the wheat and the tares sown together. The wheat brings joy, while the tares bring sorrow – simultaneously.


Now, the third verse:

For the Lord our God shall come

And shall take His harvest home:

From His field shall in that day

All offenses purge away –

Give His angels charge at last 

In the fire the tares to cast, But the fruitful ears to store, In His garner evermore.

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Now this verse is quite devastating.  Especially for a Thanksgiving celebration, don’t you think?

Hummer: Wow! Yes. I think that verse is possibly skipped over…

Ludvigson Lace Lady: And the third verse of another Thanksgiving hymn, Bringing In the Sheaves:

Going forth with weeping, sowing for the Master, 


Though the loss sustained our spirit often grieves; 

When the weeping’s over He will bid us welcome –

We shall come rejoicing,  bringing in the sheaves. 

Hummer: That one’s more familiar. But I can see a correlation between the two hymns. There is a bittersweetness added to Thanksgiving when we remember the sorrow and the tares.


Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yes, there is: bittersweetness. I wish it was all a joyful celebration, but it many times is not.

Hummer: No, there are sorrows and tares in everyone’s lives. In everyone’s family. Even as they gather around the great harvest feast. Deep inside many hearts there is hurt and devastation.

Ludvigson Lace Lady: We see it all around us every day of the year.


Hummer: So there is a reason for a silent remembrance for the heavy hearted, while lightheartedly conversing around the Decorated Table this annual fourth Thursday of November, this year.

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yes. Many are hurting. May our Final Harvester give us all needed grace and mercy. Even as we are also rejoicing in the sheaves!


Hummer: There is weeping now, there will be joy in the end. May we all be ready!

Life is Lovelier with Lace. . . 

As I crochet, I am able to ponder about many life issues. In my life. In other’s lives. And the devastation of their intermingling. In this broken world, one may be exuding with joy through the abuse they bring to another. And the other is utterly heartbroken. Maybe all are sitting at the same Thanksgiving table!

Hard to believe? Yes. And no. The sheaves and the tares are all around us. Oftentimes unrevealed. At least today. But in the end, they will be sorted out, and assigned their appropriate place. A somber thought, I know.


But, as I crochet, I have a tissue near by. Sowing in tears and praying that all will be sheaves. And no tares.

Rejoicing in my prayerful hook and my future reaping,

~ Debbie Ludvigson

The Ludvigson Lace Lady 


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Life is Lovelier with Lace. . . And the Reformation Rose


d090fcae50efc13192143a3cebacef93“I don’t remember The Rose.”

This would be back in the Ludvigson Homeschool days.

“We read about Martin Luther, the Reformation and the 95 Theses. But I do not recall The Rose.

Probably because we did not have Google and Pinterest. And possibly because we are not Lutheran.


“But Martin Luther’s Reformation goes beyond the Lutheran church.”

And of course, you know how much I love and appreciate Martin Luther’s hymn, A Mighty Fortress is Our God!

“We can thank Hummer for that! She hummed the tune all through the house. And rehearsed it in 4-part harmony with her boys!”

Yes! And googled forever trying to find a particularly loved choir rendition, from her 1970 college days. She never found it, but she did find another beautiful arrangement.

Here it is again:

Back to The Rose.

“I like it. It seems to bring the aged teaching to a simpler mentality, so that the Reformation can be remembered.”


It would have been a great teaching tool when the boys were younger.

“And it would have stuck with me, too!”

Well, it’s not too late! Let’s take a look at The Rose now, With the 500th Reformation Anniversary just one day away, there is no time to lose!

“And whether an adult or a child, The Rose is perfectly suited for memory and simple understanding.”


Yes, there is a lot of heavy theological language to decipher when reading even the children’s level Martin Luther and the Reformation.

“But remaining uninformed is not the solution.”

Believe it or not, in each day of life, Reformation Decisions are made, by each of us! Decisions that affect eternity.

“And that is why The Rose is so intriguing!”


And Martin Luther literally staked his life on it. How grateful I am for his testimony. His courage. His tenacious hard work. For us.

Life is Lovelier with Lace. . . 

Did you notice The Rose, is a rose? And a rose is a favorite in the lace crochet world! So simply could the Reformation and The Rose coordinate with a LUDVIGSON  LACE creation. Hmm. We will have to see about that!


Enjoy October 31st this year! Halloween is preprinted on most calendars. And for the Ludvigsons, there is a birthday celebration added on that date!

(🎉 Happy Birthday,  Brent!🎂)

Whatever you do, don’t forget the 500th year Reformation celebration!  And tuck The Rose in your back pocket. Or your memory bank. Remember The Rose…always.

With Roses and Lace,

Debbie Ludvigson 

The Ludvigson Lace Lady 


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Life is Lovelier With Lace. . . And Pumpkins!


Pumpkins! Pumpkins, everywhere! Celebrate Fall!

“Celebrate cool weather!”

Oh, yes. To humanity, pumpkins seem to be a reminder that it is time to roast marshmellows over the campfire – in hoodie attire.

“Making smores!”

Quite impossible in East Texas. That reminder to us must be stupifying, for us to believe!

In some northern regions, gloves might have to come off, to slip the melted sticky browned marshmallow onto the bed of chocolate, with the graham crackers cover finale.


“Gloves, for COLD hands!”

Cold hands are not a problem for October, Texas style. We are still very much in the humid summer mode. So the pumpkin focus is a mildly successful brain manipulation! Pumpkins mean cooler weather is SOON to come!

And pumpkin beauty is everywhere. In many creative colors. Decorated in finerey. Or personally picked at the neighborhood pumpkin patch.


“One sweet little one year old girl was so enthralled – in Pumpkin Season 2016 – that she walked eagerly (as only a one year old could walk) praising the wonderful ‘apples!’ “

Yes. That would be my creative, darling grandchild: Zoë! Can’t wait to hear of her pumpkin patch experience,  2017! And this time with her little brother, Thorin! In Tennessee! Waiting for pics… 😊

Pumpkins come in mind-altering shades now, too! Besides orange, there is blue, green, white, purple, pink and more, I am sure!


Mind-altering, because I cannot comprehend how it is done!”

As a true Minnesotan at heart, my interest in pumpkin-ology is that pumkins are a precursor for Thanksgiving and the first snow! And so I celebrate PUMPKINS!

And then the campfires will warm the hands and the smores will taste sooo good! In the cool, crisp autumn air!

So let’s celebrate pumpkins!

f40a09fb5a771967f7056ac09aedf687Life is Lovelier with Lace. . . 

And let’s celebrate lace! Lace is suited for any season. Any state of the great USA. Any color of the rainbow. Any age group. Any gender. (Well, you know – think of fishing net!)

Lace is wonderfully beautiful.

No, pumpkins have not lessened my love for lace! For every month of the year, in my mind’s eye, I can see another special lace creation. In bright, bold colors. In pastels. Earthy tones and porcelain whites! For home. For wear. For soul. Yes, soul – Lace brings out the best in us, does it not?


So let’s drape that pumpkin and Lace together – on a COOL Autumn day. Or evening. Or morning. No end to Lace creativity!

Happy pumpkin days,

Debbie Ludvigson 

The Ludvigson Lace Lady 



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Life is Lovelier With Lace. . . And a Harvest Birthday!


“October and birthday parties used to be synonymous in earlier years!”

This was the Ludvigson Lace Lady pondering what she would be planning this year in October. It wouldn’t be quite the same, for sure.

“Change. Things never stay the same. I will certainly experience that this year!”

In days gone by, the Ludvigson Lace Lady decided that two adult birthdays, happening almost within the same week, could be celebrated together!


“I really wanted to celebrate each person’s birthday separately. Because they are uniquely special.”

But we had to add reason to the equation. So two birthdays were squished into one celebration: an October Harvest Squash for Tim and Audrey!

“That would be my hubby and my mom!” 

Since October was filled with the the visual beauty of Fall, the scents of pumpkin pie and apple cider, it only made sense that the Ludvigson Lace Lady would work around the theme of Harvest.


And so the fun began with all the decorations! Adding to that, some unique personal touches for each birthday person.

“One year, we had a piano concert, for Grandma and Dad. Since Mom was once a piano teacher. And Tim a musician  himself.”

The boys were able to play especially – and only – for them. While the little recital was in progress, the Ludvigson Lace Lady was whipping around the kitchen, maneuvering food in and out of the oven, hoping all would be hot and ready for consumption by the end of the last musician’s last song.


The table was decked with the rich harvest colors, fancy dinnerware and candles ready for igniting. The food was smelling really delicious! And the music was ending just as the last of the harvest meal was ready.

The meatloaf looked a bit different, “but not too bad,” per the cook/LLL, balancing too many spinning plates at the moment. She was just removing a lake of grease that had settled on the top. “No problem.”

And there were no complaints! So it must have been nothing! So the Ludvigson Lace Lady thought at the end of the evening, as she took on the Lazyboy as her last feet of the occasion.


Lo and behold – the next day – in the midst of normal next-day tasks, having nothing to do with harvest-themed birthday parties – she suddenly realized what was wrong with the meatloaf:

“No oatmeal!”

Yes, no oatmeal. No filler. Just ground beef, plus spices.

“No wonder it was so greasy!”

But still noone seemed to notice. Polite crowd, maybe?

“No. Not really. Tim and the boys? They have never held back before.”


She was deep in thought as to why nothing derogatory was said about the meatloaf.

“Why did not my mom or dad say anything?  Well, Dad was never picky. But Mom would have investigated  – in the kitchen. She was my trainer, you know!”

So, let it be known, meatloaf can be made without oatmeal!

“Well, I think it better stated, ‘don’t forget the oatmeal next time!’

That particular Harvest birthday was years ago now. Harvest meatloaf has been made several times since then, and the Ludvigson Lace Lady has never forgotten the oatmeal.


“Betty Crocker perfect? Nope. But always edible. “

And always eaten.

Possibly sad to say, the Ludvigson Lace Lady currently has ground beef in her fridge for another Harvest Birthday meatloaf!

No bets as to how it turns out!”

She’ll get it done. With tender loving care.

The birthday crowd has dramatically shrunk, though. With family recently moving all over the United States this October, Tim and I will enjoy the candlelight intimacy alone, mixed with memories.


“And crossing my fingers about meatloaf.”

Life is Lovelier with Lace. . . 

Well, I guess we all know I am not one to brag about food coming out of my kitchen! But I do want to brag about the one I am in the kitchen for! Or better put: Let me brag about the birthday boy, Tim!

My loving husband. A caring father of our now, grown children. A wise business man of many venues of his 63 years of life. And my CEO of LUDVIGSON LACE ♡ Aftcra!  I applaud him for all the wonders of living he has gone through, with Jesus!

As he has taken each step, one at a time, in obedience to the call of Christ on his life, Tim has shown me how I might choose to do so, myself!


Tim has shown me a faith walk with Jesus is the only way! He’s lived it out, in front of me. And I believe…

Happy (63rd) Birthday, Tim!

And after I finish making Tim a perfect meatloaf,  I will settle back in the Lazyboy once again, pondering: lacey creations and meatloaf ingredients.

The Ludvigson Lace Lady


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