Life is Lovelier with Lace. . . and the Ludvigson Lawn Service Chauffeur

Hummer: I understand there is still snow in Minnesota.

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yup. And it’s April.

Hummer: The Minnesotans are not too happy about that.

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Well, they even had a white Easter!

Hummer: But, did they have that snow for a white Christmas last December?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: It won’t be long before they are experiencing the beautiful spring weather that Texans currently enjoy! And when spring does arrives for Minnesotans, they will enjoy it much longer than we will in Texas !

Hummer: It’s amazing, the difference in just a few hundred miles.

Ludvigson Lace Lady: For sure! But there is one green thing that does not change, whether Minnesotan or Texan!

Hummer: What’s that?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Grass. Cutting it. Frequently. In the spring.

Hummer: Don’t you know! You spent a lot of time with the Ludvigson Lawn Service during those peek seasons! What did you do, anyway? I know you weren’t allowed on the mowing field!

The Ludvigson Lawncare Service

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Sure wasn’t! But nonetheless, it was a productive time! The fresh air of spring in the driver’s seat of the family van, turned Ludvigson Lawncare Service transport vehicle, with my crochet hook and thread in hand!

They tackled the customer’s lawn while I tackled the Petal doily pattern!

The Ludvigson Lace Lady…on the road!

Hummer: Wow. Multi-tasking Ludvigsons, at their best!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: For sure. And since it was usually a school day, and the lawncare team was school age, it was prudent that the homeschool teacher/mom was along for the ride!

Hummer: I bet the customers were happy to see you too!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yes. Probably so. I waved hello to a customer once in a while. But the lawncare business was solely run by the four boys, other than me driving.

Hummer: How did this all begin?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Let’s see now. I believe it started with our neighbor to our north. They were elderly.

Hummer: Elderly. There seems to be an elderly thread that has run through the story of your family’s life!

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Ludvigson Lace Lady: I agree! But it was definitely God’s thread! We just followed His lead! Anyway, our dear elderly neighbors paid us a visit one evening, asking if our oldest son might like the job of mowing their lawn.

Hummer: Really? How old was your oldest at this time?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Eleven. Not really old enough to handle a mower yet, Tim and I were thinking. Our own lawn was still mowed by Tim or me. It was a beautiful lush green 1/4 acre, and we used a riding lawn mower. Of course the young boys had not started to help us, at this point.

Hummer: So, did you allow Ryan to take the job? I guess you did, as you were sharing how the lawnservice started!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yes, Ryan took on the job. And he did great! In fact, as the other neighbors were looking out their windows, their inquiries were added to Ryan’s docket! And he was soon mowing weekly for a number of neighbors!

The Ludvigson Lawncare Service…staff meeting?

Hummer: Plus school?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Oh, yes. School was first priority. We mowed when in need, but school assignments were completed each day, as their studies required. Daily. Weekly. Done.

Hummer: So, when did the other sons get involved? They must have been eager to mow!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Our next son was only about eight when Ryan began mowing, but he was, yes, greatly desiring to participate! If my memory hasn’t failed me, Brent began training on our yard as soon as he was strong enough and wise enough (!) to handle the push mower. It didn’t take him long. He was a natural.

Hummer: And Tim and you had to stop mowing, so Brent and Ryan practice their lawncare skills?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yes!

The (aging) Ludvigson Lawncare Service

Hummer: Must have been nice!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Oh, it was! But more than average attention was focused on looking out our windows! And evaluations were stiff. Quality was important!

Hummer: And then there were your third and fourth sons. They were too young, of course. At the start they were only about three and four.

Hummer: What did they do in the Ludvigson Lawn Service van? For they surely went along for the ride.

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yes, they were with me, wherever I happened to be. By the time there was a larger docket, Drew and Phillip were about six and seven. There was school they could work on in the van.

Hummer: And they were wishing to be mowing too?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Yup. In fact, they were out of the van as they were needed, to assist in non-mowing needs.

Hummer: How many customers did the Ludvigson Lawncare Service have?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: There was about 10 – 12 customers.

Hummer: And in the spring, when the grass grows faster, that would be a busy week!

The Ludvigson Lawncare Service

Ludvigson Lace Lady: And it was! But they were motivated! They did not charge exorbitantly. They were young. Most customers were elderly. The price matched the situation.

Hummer: What about autumn leaves and winter snow? I understand the Ludvigson Lawncare Service expanded into these seasons?

Ludvigson Lace Lady: It seems they were even more busy during the Fall/Winter!

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Hummer: Well, what interesting times in the Ludvigson household!

Ludvigson Lace Lady: Never a dull moment. All agree.

The Petal Doily

Life is Lovelier with Lace. . .

Never a dull moment is right. But I did enjoy putting all other tasks aside to chauffeur the lawncare business from one appointment to another!

Lacey ♡ NeckLACE ♡ LeafyGreen

My hook happily performed to the tune of buzzing lawnmowers! A free hand was needed every once in a while to swat a newborn mosquito! Interestingly, as the mosquito population grew in physical size and number, the summer grass grew a bit slower and the jobs were less frequent! ☺

Lacey ♡ NeckLACE ♡ Artic Waters Blue

All in all, LUDVIGSON LAWNCARE SERVICE and LUDVIGSON LACE coordinated well. Lawncare stories go far beyond what I am able to share. In fact, my lawncare memories run far short of their’s, for as always – I know there are trade secrets! Customers loved them. And I was proud to be around…chauffeuring.

The Ludvigson Lawncare Service had to close their doors as the Ludvigson family moved to Texas in 2008. It was a sad day for all. But it was great while it lasted. And many lessons were learned for future ventures!

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Remembering a mosquito swat with three double crochets,

Debbie, the Ludvigson Lace Lady


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