Life is Lovelier With Lace…and a 4th of July Picnic!


“We need a fun 4th of July tradition…” The Ludvigson Lace Lady blurted out to her husband.

They had just moved to a new home in a small town.

“I understand the city council voted against fire works again. No money. Driving two hours to the Cities for evening fireworks with the four boys is just not going to work.”

She was reminiscing about her own childhood holidays. Many summer holidays were spent at a particular lakefront park. Besides the swimming in the lake, there were games and picnic tables full of food.


“Rice Krispie Bars!”

It was the annual Sunday School Picnic!

“Everyone was there! The whole church! For the whole day! We had so much fun!”

The Ludvigson Lace Lady was wishing for a similar memory for her own boys on the 4th.

“Maybe we could invite some friends to drive up to our place. For a picnic. They might like to get out of the Cities; maybe they wouldn’t mind driving up here for the day.”


So with that conversation, a 4th of July Picnic invitation was issued to the whole church, with a month of time for them to plan.

“Well, it was a month of time for them to plan on what to bring up for the day, for the whole family.

For the Ludvigson Lace Lady, and her team – the four boys and their dad – “…that would be two months!”



And so the planning began. Lists were made. Family meetings were manditory. Assigned responsibilities for each Ludvigson family member,  were established:

▪Announce the picnic every Sunday, at church.

▪Hand out flyers, including the day’s activities, potluck ideas and a map to our home. (not Google map dependant yet!)

▪ Food tables  ▪Grills  ▪Water ▪Games ▪Volleyball  ▪Watermelon Eating Contest  ▪Three Legged Race  ▪Donut on a String ▪Burlap Bag Race ▪Water Balloon Toss  ▪Ice  ▪Table clothes  ▪Decorations


▪Banners  ▪Table Centerpieces  ▪Volleyball referees  ▪Chairs  ▪Blankets  ▪Bathroom access ▪Baby Care  ▪4th of July Program  ▪Special Speaker  ▪Music ▪Sheet music ▪Music stands ▪Flag Ceremony  ▪ Children’s 4th of July history Focus ▪Instrument Storage ▪ Softball ▪Fireworks ▪Sandbox Prep…plant wildflowers in cat-infested sandbox! ▪ Warn the neighbors!



“My, I hope we haven’t forgotten anything!”

The Ludvigsons Lace Lady wracked her brain for every detail. She wanted all to go smoothly, for everyone!

“It may look like overkill to some, but with a crowd this size, you can’t be too careful!”

The planning time was well spent. The Ludvigsons boys did an excellent job. The crowd was massive. The games were enjoyed. The food was delicious. The program was relaxing. The speaker was inspiring.


The minisize fireworks display had to wait until dark; that would be 10:00pm. There were a few that were able to stay late for that. They parked their lawn chairs in a row, while the Ludvigson boys lit their own fire works display.

“And me?” the Ludvigson Lace Lady remembers, “I was in my lawn chair with great anticipation! But my eyes would not cooperate. I didn’t see a thing. I fell fast asleep, in the cool summer evening.”

The picnic was a success! So we had another picnic the next year! And the next!


“And fond memories were had each and every year!”

It’s been a decade since then: family moves, job changes, Ludvigson boys turned men, Ludvigson marriages, Ludvigson grandchildren, the Ludvigson Lace Lady aging, ditto for Mr. Ludvigson Lace CEO.

Life is Lovelier with Lace…


“Waiting for another fun tradition,” she – the Ludvigson Lace Lady –  can be heard whispering into the CEO’s ear.

But, he doesn’t hold his breath. He knows the hooker is making her way to her favorite spot; the lacemaker has important work to do!

“Let’s not and say we did,” can be heard if you listen closely. She is already in a crochet trance. With 4th of July memories in her memory bank.

Having a great picnic…hoping you are too!

~ Debbie Ludvigson

The Ludvigson Lace Lady



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Lacey ♡  Crocheted Necklace ♡ 4th of July