Life is Lovelier With Lace. . . And Storms!


“Get down in the basement,” my dad was yelling from our back yard. He saw it coming across the empty field just beyond our house. We lived in a new, but flourishing housing development. We were one of the first houses on the block. So the tornado, unbeknownst to this little girl, was enjoying open area very close to her.

“When Daddy speaks like that, we don’t fool around,” the little Ludvigson Lace Lady thought as her five year old legs carried her obediently down to basement safety.

As we gathered at the foot of the stairs, with our mom hovering over us, we waited for Dad to appear and tell us what was going on!


“There were five of us,” she remembered, “from one year old to seven.” 

Daddy finally arrived. With relief. Then the siren sounded. “Interesting,” the little Lady Ludvigson surmised, “the siren came after the tornado!”

Our instructions were to gather under the laundry folding table, in the corner of the basement. With blankets to match the five young kids, we cuddled together in our newly created hut.

“A Tornado Hut,” or so it seemed to them! “And Mom served us hotdogs while we played in the hut!”


It really was a lot of fun. We had no idea about the severity of the weather. “Mom and Dad were good at that.”

So as the days, years, decades have gone by, this mommy – this Ludvigson Lace Lady grown-up – continues to enjoy the storms.

“Similar storm hiding places were made with my four boys and myself!” This time in Arkansas. No basements are to be found in this part of the USA.

But with no basement, where were we to find cover? There was our hallway. There was the bathtub. And always a blanket, a pillow and a toy. For many storm episodes in Arkansas, we made due with just that.


“The storms were not that bad. And there were only at the most two or three little boys to hover over.”

But when a phone call warned me that this one forthcoming was quite severe,  better coverage was needed to be found.

“Let’s empty these two closets and camp in them!” The younger mothering Ludvigson Lace Lady suggested, using her playtime voice.


Believe it or not, the closet interior, became exterior.  And the four boys plus Mommy made a Tornado Hut inside the closet.

“Deja vu…” she grinned. “Oh, wait! Stay here everybody! I’ll be right back!”

There were no hot dogs, (“How did my mom make hot dogs!”) but there was something else!

“I knew this would come in handy someday! “ She pulled a chair to the refrigerator,  stood on top, and reached way back in the upper cupboard.


“A bucket of old Halloween candy!”  She smiled. “Very minimal sugar passes the lips of these boys, but there comes a time. And that time is now!”

So with candy, pillows blankets and a batteried radio, we played the waiting game.

Many tornadoes passed through our area that day. But we were safe. In a fun way.

We may not have had the hot dogs my mom had somehow prepared, but we had all the rest. The same relief.


“Thanks, Mom.” That is to Grandma, my mom –  from the next two generations, on how to enjoy a storm.

Life is Lovelier With Lace. . .

You know what I was doing last Sunday night, when a tornado invaded our neighborhood? Crocheting. Listening to the wind and the rain. Enjoying the peacefulness of the sounds of a storm!

Crocheting a CloverFields wrap! This one will be in Natural. A color quite similar to Ecru. You will love it. I know I do!


But, right in the middle of, ‘ten doubles, turn, picot, chain  one double,’ the power went out!

“Oh, it will come back on in a minute,” I said, holding my needle and crochet thread in a frozen position, so as to avoid loosing my place or my count.

But that minute turned into days. And many in Longview waited for power.

The hook and thread came to a halt, as I joined the many learning how to maneuver without the electrical benefits so engrained.


Yes, I so much appreciate the efforts made to bring the power back to us city dwellers. But I also appreciate that this Ludvigson Lace Lady  was able to continue to crochet on her porch, in the sunlight.

While many wondered what to do without social media!

Storms: Hot dogs. Halloween candy. Power Outages. Social media.

Life has some ‘twists’ in it many a time, bringing upheaval and routine change. But the twist of my crochet hook remains steady.

Loving my crochet twister,

~ Debbie Ludvigson

The Ludvigson Lace Lady 



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