Life is Lovelier With Lace…and the Yellow Pill



Riding the classic yellow school bus home from school didn’t happen very often. She hated everything about it. The bus driver was way too friendly. The ‘kids’ were irritatibly rowdy. And the smell – (ewe!)

“Must store the bus in his barn,” she thought – with a regurgitating gut.

“But at least he has a radio playing,” as a favorite song began. “Usually as we turn this corner and descend the hill, close to my place.” 

Watch “John Denver – Sunshine On My Shoulders” on YouTube


On the crackling transistor radio, hanging with a floppy swing from some sort of rigged cord, the sound came through bright and clear. John Denver,  singing, “Sunshine On My Shoulders…makes me happy.”

“Wonder if I can figure out the chords for that,” she questioned mentally as she gathered her school belongings and headed for the front of the bus. “I’ll try it first thing.”

Sunshine On My Shoulders. It had such a…yellow sound. Happy. Delightful. Sunny. Without gloom. “Like I’m feeling right now,” as she stepped off the stinky bus and headed up the lonely driveway towards the empty house.


Five kids live here. A working mom and dad. Still, no one would be home. School sports and after school jobs kept everyone spread out all over the small town.

“So glad for my night off tonight!” She had worked the night before and would return tomorrow night, after school. She was one of many school kids working the evening shifts. This allowed the full time employees the opportunity to be home at night. While the high school employees took the reins (literally). Made for some interesting times.

So, she was home. And she wanted to make the most of it. She calculated all she would try to get done in the next couple hours, before the house would once again be full of family.


“Homework not included,” but instead, adding the Sunshine song to her mental list. Other things not on her list were things like cleaning up the breakfast dishes left from the early morning.

 “An oatmeal pan still half filled with oatmeal. Yuk. At least it is soaking in the sink.”

She looked around for any sign of supper partly prepped. Nothing. “Well, I guess Mom will call, as usual, and ask me to pull some meat out of the freezer and make something with it.”


With her standard menu plan in mind she thought, “I’ll still wait for her call.”

My, this poor teenage Ludvigson Lace Lady sure sounds grumpy!

Yup. That was me! But with my precious time alone, doing her own things, including the Sunshine song,  the grumpiness would melt away and a positive outlook on life would return!


Ah, yes,  yellow.  “I love yellow! It is so cheerful!  Takes the gloom out of living!” She wondered.  “How can looking at a color change my attitude? A mystery, for sure. Yes. For sure, it transports a smile to my heart!”


After the kitchen was done, she made her way to her bedroom to pluck her guitar a bit. “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy, sunshine in my eyes makes me cry…” The chords came easily. “More tunes to play together at youth group next week,” grateful for the chance to play with others guitarists.  “John Denver tunes would have to wait til after the meeting.”

Yellow. Sunshine.


“Ya  know,” her creative juices were stirring, “I think I should paint my bedroom yellow! Bright yellow! With bright orange curtains,” thoughtfully planning how and when she would do it. And how she would approach her mom and dad regarding the endeavor.

“That will spark up the room, my moods, my education, my employment and ultimately life in general!”

Somehow the yellow room came to be. Bright yellow. And the curtains? Yes, they were B.R.I.G.H.T. O.R.A.N.G.E.


Did the teenage Ludvigson Lace Lady like it? Oh, yes! “It was quite cheerful.” To say the least.

You see, it was about this time that she started developing migraine headaches. Just out of the blue, they came.

Or rather, out of the yellow!

As an older, wiser Ludvigson Lace Lady, I now know that the brightness of the room played a part in developing her migraines.


“Yellow is good. Tone it down, Debbie!” 

And to this day the color yellow is a favorite! I either tone it down, or reach for my sunglasses!

Life is Lovelier With Lace. ..

In reality, cheerfulness can be truly achieved through color choices. Some like Yellow. Some do not. But, most certainly, Yellow brings a smile to all.

I do have some yellow crocheted lace in my shop. Not much. Maybe it is time to do more. We’ll see!


But in the meantime, cheerfulness is still very much a part of the process,  for me!  Crocheting any color is a joyful experience!  Hope you can see my smile between the threads!

Smiling through yellow sunshine,

Debbie Ludvigson

The Ludvigson Lace Lady 


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