Life is Lovelier With Lace. . . And the Porch


“Let’s have some coffee on the porch.

“Can we eat on the porch, Mom?”

“Let’s talk. Out on the porch. ”

The porch. There’s something about the porch. Especially in the Springtime. The birds call you out with their songs. The sprouting leaves on the trees beckon an audience. And the colorful, lacey blossoms of a myriad variations contest for the honor of first place beauty.

Of course we venture out there! All our winter ‘to dos’ can somehow be managed, on the porch.


Cruzing down Memory Lane, I recall it was simple to make my way to the porch when the boys were young.

“What better use of their time, but to bring them out to experience fresh air.”

The sand box! Contained them for hours. A race from the porch to the back road would do them good. And it did Mom good, also! She could clean up the breakfast dishes while watching the competition through the kitchen window.

Even beyond the porch (after the Mom Chores were under control) Mom could take reading curbside to the sandbox.


“Let’s do Charlotte’s Web right here,” Mom would suggest, knowing they would agree. They would each take a corner and create four different varieties of whatever was in their minds at the time. From tractors to army men. Quietly, the sand was lifted to the heights performing various acrobatic stunts, while they listened to Charlotte counsel the pig.

“And I can safely cross Daily Reading off my To Do List. All is well today in the Ludvigson backyard,” Mom would smile to herself.

All while we all breathed in the heavy scent of fresh springtime. All centralized around, the porch.


As the boys grew a bit older, I thought, “Hmmm. Time for them to learn the grill?” (It was on the porch.) So, starting with the oldest,  Grilling 101 was engineered into their brains.

“If they know the grill, they will also know the significance of my constant warning regarding it’s heat,” Mom rationalized, reviewing the constant ins and outs from back door onto the porch for back yard batting practice or the bow and arrow target shooting.


That resulting, in more recent years…

“Not sure if I ever grilled again, after that 101 lesson,” I reminiced when trying to figure out how to start up the grill for the supper – for just Tim and me.

Wherever we lived, there was some kind of a porch. Nothing extravagant. But it was there. And it was used. Especially in the Spring.

“The porch is part of everyone’s life, it seems.” A drive through the city or the countryside will prove this to be true. It might be hidden in the rear, or displayed in the front. The furniture, expensive or not. But there is always a place to sit. And always a porch.


Sitting on the porch, to contemplate is quite essential. “At least, that’s what I think,” the Ludvigson Lace Lady concludes. “Whether watching the birds, or the traffic zooming by – contemplation is taking place.”

Or reading. Or visiting with passing neighbors. Extended family might stop by from around the corner, or from out of state! The Porch is the place to be, as relaxed conversation fills the air.

“Use your porch in the Spring,” I have learned and feel compelled to pass on. “for the fascination of the porch will wain.”

In Minnesota, our Spring Porch would include all of Summer, and then some! The porch endured all the way through November, or until the snow fell.


In Arkansas, our Spring porch usage ended about the time the screen door became burning hot – in April, around 10am: “Don’t touch the door,” I could be heard from a distance too far to be of assistance. “It’s hot,” I would have to remind my two year old.

For the Ludvigson Lace Lady in her Texas homeland of almost a decade, she must confess that her Spring porch season is December through March! And she has been enjoying her porch!

“It’s almost time to hibernate,” she mentioned to her yet-confused hubby. He still sometimes needs a reminder regarding the effects of the humid Texas heat on his wife.


“Chili is in the crockpot and the air conditioning is my love,” she confides, still wondering how Texans survive without it! (The a.c., I mean.)

Now lest you think I am ready for the Minnesota porch (as lovely as it is), think again.

“There are pro’s and cons,” I have been known to say, “that belong to each lovely living quarter of the great USA.” And by this the Ludvigson Lace Lady can experiencially confess: “Arkansas, Minnesota, Texas: all three homelands have offered good, and they have also the not so good to offer. The good and the bad come together as a package deal.”

And that’s ok! Heaven will be perfect. But until then…

What you may not hear the Ludvigson Lace Lady say, but under her breath – so as not to offend one of these geographically based groups –  is, “Even though the porch is famous for nine months of the year in Minnesota, the porch better be screened!” The Three Season porch is the only way to keep the infamous mosquitos from tyrannizing your experience!


So enjoy your Spring. On your porch. “And enjoy your pros and cons wherever you live,” the Ludvigson Lace Lady urges us all. “For the good and the bad dwell together.”

Life is Lovelier With Lace. . . 

Of course, crocheting is the perfect way to enjoy the porch. While the needle creates with the use of my hands, the ears take in the singing of the birds. The breeze is breathtaking. The sunset relaxing. (Sunset, and not the debilitating humid midday Texas sun!)

Soon the outdoors will have to be off limits. And the crocheting will be kept in the confines of air conditioned comfort.  Needle in one hand, thread lace between the fingers of her other. All is well. Porch or no porch. But crocheting as I go.


Blessings on your porch time,

~ Debbie Ludvigson

The Ludvigson Lace Lady 


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