Life is Lovelier With Lace. . . And Sentimental Treasures



“I’ll  take the trash out,” can be routinely heard every morning as the goodbye and the kiss are issued, starting another day.

This would be Tim and me. Trash, for us today equals only one, maybe two, Walmart bags, collecting any throw out item in the whole of our dwelling.

“It’s rather fun to joke about it,” is really what we are saying. Our belongings have so dramatically shrunk in size, so as to fit in our miniature penthouse, more lovingly referred to as our Treehouse.


Historically speaking, we have done our share of collecting treasures…and trashing treasures! And, ooh… how the trashing hurts! How do you decide what to keep and what to donate to the thrift store? Quite a personal matter, to be sure!

Truly, what is trash to you, is treasure to someone else. And visa versa. Across the board. No second guessing.

So the event of our last move was a major emotional whip lash for Tim and me. Each item had to pass through two sets of hands with a ‘yeh‘ or a ‘ney.’ If we both said, ‘yeh,’ we could place it in the ‘yeh‘ pile. But when the ‘yeh‘ pile had grown too large, we had to both grit our teeth, shed a tear, and ‘ney‘ it.


The ‘ney‘ pile became carload after carload of thrift store donations! The carloads were so frequently presented to the thrift store staff that you might have heard me under my breath blurting out, “I’m  sorry.” Followed by, “Oh, this is glass. You might have to handle this box with both hands.” Or “This is a very fine stemware collection…please handle with care!”

But I could only whisper those words through my teeth, because I have been a regular on the other side of the thrift store counter: a consumer. And I know how callous shoppers can become when combing  through the goods.


So, when Tim and I managed to fit what we could into our Treehouse, we grievingly forfeited any forthcoming right to add anymore items. For true living room!

The Walmart trash bags was – and will be – removed gleefully by either occupants – Tim or me!

Because of this excruciating experience,  I seem to have a heightened awareness of the personality of taste. Not everyone likes what I like! I do not like what everyone else likes! And what a colorful world we live in, as a result. Colorful in size, shapes, eras, hobbies, all displayed in our own (large or small) living quarters.


And the Ludvigson Lace Lady has enjoyed acquiescing with all the different styles and colors of lacey apparel and home decore. Yes, there is more than one way to create beauty!

But back to the trash issue:

Life is Lovelier With Lace…

The Ludvigson Lace Lady must remain firm on this one thing:

Lace is Beautiful. Always. New lace. Vintage lace. It is a treasure.

Lace has a place in this always changing world. Lace somehow magically makes the place it occupies a little more gentle. A little more softer. Hard reverts to soft. Anxiety to calm. Furrowed eyebrows to smiles. It just does. Period.


So, acquiesce with treasures. Or trash. Or visa versa. But join me with a complete, wholehearted agreement that lace… is always and forever, lovely.

Immutably loving lace,

~Debbie Ludvigson

The Ludvigson Lace Lady 


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