Life is Lovelier With Lace. . . And Dubbed “Debbie”


Did you sit in the Debbie row in elementary school, as I did? If grade school for you was in the early 1960’s, you probably did.

Yes, we had a special place to sit – just because we were Debbie! Or Debby, or Debi…or Deborah. As a child, I had no idea why there were so many Debbie’s!

But the recent passing of Debbie Reynolds was a confirmation of the Great. Debbie. Following.


Yes, our parents were in love with Debbie Reynolds. And I don’t blame them! Ms Reynolds was a terrific actress. Can she ever dance! And sing! And, my what a sweet innocent smile she wore!

Must have been a mite disconcerting to my mom, that I was one of so many Debbies. “Oh, but, Mom! I’m One-in-a-Million!”

It seemed that my mom chose to give the spelling of my name a new little twist each year, as she filled out the school paper work. Possibly she was more concerned about my individuality!


As all the different spellings piled up in my school records, I wasn’t sure, myself, how to spell my name! Creative motherly love in action, I must say!

Watch ‘Debbie’ dance! Click below:

Give A Girl A Break (1953) – Balloon Dance:

When it was time to register for Tim’s and my marriage license, I found opportunity to simplify life in the name category: not only did I change my last name to Ludvigson, but I also claimed one spelling of Debbie. So from the genesis of our marriage, my official spelling of my first name is D-e-b-b-i-e. Whew! No more worries!


As for Ludvigson, spelling education came early on. The explanation of its simplicity was tutored by Tim, himself. Over coffee. Across the Embers table – surrounded by vast chatter of other young singles from our church.

“So, how do you say your last name? And how do you spell it?” This was me, just making conversation…and, no, I was not making inquiries!

“It’s very simple,” quibbed Tim,“it’s just three short vowel sounded syllables, put together.”


“Oh?” said I, not too amused at the notoriety of its simplicity.

“Yes,” says he. “And you put the three together, like this: Lud/vig/son.”

Little did I know at that time, that I would use this illustration over and over again as his wife, turned Mrs. Debbie Ludvigson.

Only I also had to add – as I had heard later on by, this, my husband – “L-U-D-V (as in Victory) – I – G (as in George) – S – O – N”

“Now, that is the trick of the trade,” I surmised! And in every new conversation, needing name specifics, this must be attached!

Life is Lovelier With Lace. . .


Legacy Letters

Names given are significant. At birth. At marriage. And for that reason Legacy Letters is noteworthy. Legacy Letters are custom built to bring lasting worth to a name. Your name.

Legacy Letters are a specialty item of LUDVIGSON LACE ♡ Aftcra. A simple display of your name! Usually the lettering is framed. In a shadow box frame, it looks especially nice. And there is a good chance that after hanging on your wall now, it will hang similarly on your son’s wall in the future!


Legacy Letters

For a name – your name – is with you forever! Your name is significant!

Significantly dubbed,

Debbie Ludvigson

The Ludvigson Lace Lady


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Legacy Letters in a Shadow Box
Legacy Letters in a Shadow box