Life is Lovelier With Lace. . . And Blue


“Did you know color plays an interesting role in describing personality?”

Since personality research is a favorite pass time of mine , I consequently have many files on this topic. (Files contained in my brain…and Pinterest!) This vast number of files only tends to create more questions than answers, as it goes with knowledge gained in general.

And personality certainly shows itself in color…


Blue is my favorite color. 

Color is everywhere. In our natural surroundings. In the changeable lens of a camera. In our emotions!

Blue is my favorite color.

It is amazing how color affects how we feel. Red will wake you up. Yellow will warm you. Green equals growth. Orange, is quite excitable! Purple would connect with royalty. Pastel pink is girlish, while the pastel version of blue, is boyish.


Blue is my favorite color.

“What color is trending this year?” many will surely track to find out.

If tainted hues of orange are fashionable, many will change their wardrobe to follow suit. Or their home decor. Green has many different takes. Aspen green has been lovely to work with, in recent months. But possibly changing,  as we speak.

Blue is my favorite color.


As for pink, it must be defined as pastel or dusty. Yellow is not just the summer sun version. It has been mellowed out to gentler, softer version that would suit a quiet comforting corner of your home, or your mind. The boldness of red can be mellowed out to a soft rose color.

Blue is my favorite color.

Every single color, straight or mingled, is absolutely wonderful! Especially when surrounded by others that complement. Even in my favorite color of blue, if too bold, it will conjure up a revolt within me! But that’s just me. Darker bolder blues are exquisite to others.


Blue is my favorite color.

While the color trends through the decades of time have changed, and have recircled in twenty years (what goes around, comes around), guess what?

Blue is my favorite color.

Seems like nothing else compares.

Life is Lovelier With Lace…

While the Ludvigson Lace Lady may dabble in the many colors of each season, you will never guess what has remained her favorite: BLUE.


Even though no personality research is attached here, much could be said about what motivates the blue-loving, Ludvigson Lace Ladyto crochet.

It is all quite fascinating.

So…what color do you like?

~Debbie Ludvigson

The Ludvigson Lace Lady 


“I think I’ll paint my nails blue…”

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