Life is Lovelier with Lace…and the Missing Diamond


“What happened to your diamond,” Tim, asked me, as we slipped into our favorite restaurant booth for supper.

I looked down at my left hand to discover that my wedding ring displayed six empty prongs where my solitaire diamond used to be.

“Impossible,” I thought.“HOW could that happen? WHEN could that have happened? WHY did I not notice it before my husband just did? How disappointed he must feel: I HAVE LOST MY DIAMOND!”


I always left my wedding ring on, so as not to misplace it. A decision I made from the start. “If I take it off every time I wash my hands, or even just at bedtime, I will surely lose it,” I had mused way back at the beginning of our married life. Way back at the beginning of this ring first placed on my finger.

“But look here,” my mind fluttered in disbelief. “I managed to lose it anyway.”

And Tim sat across from me with no hint of disgust in his face. “He is a patient man,” I fixed my thoughts on, in lieu of the distain I personally was feeling.

That was a dozen years ago. I had worn the ring for twenty-five years. And believe me, not a week goes by that I don’t once again, run through my mind what I had done that day, each day of that week, so that I might find that diamond. My diamond.


It was a busy life, I could surely say. From dawn til dusk, maintaining the lives of the Ludvigson household.

Besides the normal schedule for prepping myself for the day, my left hand found itself in the kitchen sink almost immediately to make toast for six and a pitcher of orange juice, with my left hand in charge. A lunch for Tim and a lefthanded scan through the freezer to pull out the meat for supper was squeezed in between toaster pop ups.

Sitting down for breakfast would have been a convenient time to do a diamond check, since my left hand would be the culprit for lifting food to my mouth – a lefthander, I am.


After breakfast duties, and just hoping the diamond did not go down the kitchen sink, I traced with my mind that I would have typically headed for the laundry room to throw the first of three or four loads into the washer, with my left hand. And each load would have their turn into the dryer, using my left hand. Each turn into the washer and out of the washer, into the dryer and out of the dryer, into the laundry basket – all done with my left hand – a lefthander, I am.

The writing at my desk, as school mom would seem a harmless activity for my solitaire diamond, on my left hand. “I surely would have noticed whether it was gone or not with my left hand  wrapped around my pen!”


Digging through my purse multiple times each day, with my left hand. “Nope. Not in my purse,” I confirmed a myriad times!

Driving the van of boys to the Cities and back would surely not be a time I would miss seeing an empty solitaire, with my left hand curled around the steering wheel for a total of 3-4 hours.

Well, of course the floor was swept, the cushions pulled out, the van vacuumed in search.

No diamond ever found, I am very sorry to say.

Tim replaced my lost diamond with another beautiful diamond from a ring on his right hand. And my solitaire wedding ring is once again complete. No one would ever know of the heartache felt for the diamond lost. Except for Tim and me.


But we also know that our love is more real than the price of a diamond. Two diamonds!

But I Must Warn All Lefthanded Brides wearing a Solitaire Style Wedding Rings: BEWARE! TAKE CARE!

Life is Lovelier with Lace. . .

Let’s just say, the ‘L’ in Ludvigson Lace  and the ‘L’ in Ludvigson Lace Lady will always assume the symbol for ‘left hand.’ And let us also always assume the left handed part of humanity are uniquely qualified. Qualified to overcome the mechanisms designed for right hand usage.

Lacey ♡ CloverFields ♡ Cowl ♡ Porcelain White

Placing wedding rings on the left hand should not be misconstrued as wrong here; only that the dearly belovedly crowned left handed ring finger has been abused through daily life tasks, when the owner of that diamond established ringed finger is left handed!

Possibly the answer to this problem is to disable the daily household chores of that left handed person, and allow her to…crochet! Can’t lose the diamond while crocheting! 

Lacey ♡ Finely Fileted ♡ Infinity Scarf ♡ Blueberry Blue

Interestingly, that particular lefthanded crocheter will have probably had to use all the extra time gained, to learn how to hold that hook in her other hand, and crochet backwards! Like me! The Ludvigson Lace Lady!  And lovin’ it!

Lovin’ making lace with my left hand,

~Debbie Ludvigson 

The Ludvigson Lace Lady 


P.S. Just kidding about the daily chores. They ain’t going away…for me, or any left hander!

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