Life is Lovelier With Lace. . . and Minnesota & Arkansas & Texas!

A ‘Minnesota’ Welcome

Minnesota. A lovely state to live in! With pride I claim this as my roots. From birth to late twenties, this was my home.

An ‘Arkansas’ Welcome

And then, there came Arkansas. Not my birthplace. And not Tim’s birthplace. But the birthplace of three of four of our sons! We lived there twelve years. Because our four sons were in need of Minnesota grandparent-time, after 12 years in Arkansas, our roots were transplanted one more time in Minnesota.

A ‘Texas’ Welcome


Then, after 10 years back in Minnesota, we found ourselves ready to investigate a whole new way of living…like a Texan! There are not too many Minnesotans in Texas, we have discovered!


We have been transplanted in Texas for nine years now! And we love it! Just as we love Arkansas. Just as we love Minnesota. I have rather coined my own phrase: There are pro’s and con’s wherever you live.


Minnesota is cold in the winter. Arkansas and Texas are hot in the summer. Minnesota winters have romantic snowfalls. But Minnesota also has brown, salted snowy sidewalks that require boots. Arkansans and Texans only wear boots for their style.


Minnesota has lush, green grass from as early as April through November. Texas and Arkansas grass is only green if you fertilize and water, religiously. But lawn mowing does not compete with your time in Arkansas and Texas.  It does, in Minnesota.


Arkansas is hot from May through September. Texas is hotter from March through October! Minnesota has only a couple weeks of hot weather, with the rest of the non-winter season absolutely perfect!



But then, there are the mosquitoes in Minnesota that eat you alive, forcing you to go indoors. Leaving the gorgeous cool summer day/nights unattended!

And the comparison goes on and on. ‘No perfect place.’ All have good. And they all have bad.

Tim and I wonder where we will end up next! Moving is never a planned event for us. It just happens:  Job changes. Ministry opportunities. Family relationships. These all have been determining factors for changing locations. Now it might be just a chance to explore places we have not been yet!


I have enjoyed the variety afforded by moving. Adapting creatively might be required for overcoming some unbearable characteristics. For instance, Texas spring/summer is my winter hibernation – indoor/airconditioning is a must. Just as warming up by the hearth for multiple months is hibernating in Minnesota.

This only means that we have soups and crackpot meals in Texas summers. And Texas winter seems to bring on the lighter salad meals.


Recently, this December we had to laugh at ourselves as the air conditioning turned down low, so we could enjoy our Minnesota Wild Rice soup recipe for the Christmas holiday!

Add to this confusion the bone chilling effect of the air conditioning on a sweltering August day! Actually a nice lace design was the outcome of this befuddlement: CloverFields  Summer Anniversary Afghan!  A light cover up from the necessary air conditioning – because in reality the weather is quite warm!


A life of contradictions it seems to be! But, contradictions are a part of all humanity. Just look at the people around you. Now look at yourself. Differences abound. No one is just like you; you are not like anyone else. The challenge is to have creative energy to see beauty in the oppositions! It’s there. Somehow. Somewhere. Just like the summer afghan.


So whether in Texas, Arkansas or Minnesota, what a wonderful place to live! So much to see. To learn. To appreciate. To enjoy.

My hat is off to you all!


Life is Lovelier With Lace. . .

For every season of the year, in any state of the great USA, lace can add beauty. Truly, Lace is a four season, all American enjoyment! With that in mind, I must get situated in my ‘office chair ‘ (Lazyboy) and start crocheting!

Happy winter, where ever you call ‘home!’

~Debbie Ludvigson

The Ludvigson Lace Lady


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