Life is Lovelier With Lace…and a Carpenter Christmas Special ♡


Before today is done, I hope to relax and enjoy a TV Christmas Special with Karen and Richard Carpenter via Youtube. Tim accidentally found them this morning when looking for something else!

A flood of teenage emotion shoots through my veins when I hear Karen sing. What a gorgeous voice she has. What beautiful harmony this brother/sister combo make. Especially as they add multiple dubs of their own voices to make an ensemble!

Watch “The Carpenters at Christmas (1977) Complete TV Special” on YouTube

And at the piano, Richard has commanding ability; what his musical brain wants to perform, his fingers respond accordingly.


Not much of today’s ‘pop’ music (or whatever they call it) can match The Carpenters of the 1970’s.

I must confess, I was one of those youthlings who would find a private place – where absolutely noone was around, and sing like Karen,

Why do birds suddenly appear everytime you are near? Just like me, they long to be close to you…”


Those were the days of headphones. Connect the headphone cord to your stereo system and let the music flood your inner world, erasing the preteen emotional tragedies of the day. Not much has changed, don’t you know?

So now I see that via Youtube, it is possible to go back to 1977 and watch their Christmas special. Not just listen. But also watch Richard, Karen and their gig, lavished in Christmas attire, add a bit more personality to their already well known Christmas harmonies.

“The logs on the fired fill me with desire, wishing you were here…” 


This jogs my ‘college dorm’ memories. Anxieties for passing finals, before heading home for Christmas break.

But I guess Karen was already done with finals. Singing like she was to us, while we continue to study. She was ‘sitting by the fire’…

Even though these reigning thoughts of my mind were decades ago, they are still very much a part of me today. Aging has its effects on the exterior, but our interior is always the same youth. Young and alive.


Our ‘mind’ travel from the beginning to the end, remains as youthful at 60, as it was youthful at 13. Memory Lane at 70 is the same as at 16. And 80, as at 20.

I guess that is why it is important to have good things to remember. To create positive experiences to remember later on.

Life experiences are not always positive. Infact, none of us are free from the negative.


What can we do to reject those memories that haunt us,when we know they will be there til the end?

Counselors have been agonizing over this question with their clients forever, it seems. There are many theories. Nothing is for sure. What works for one, will not necessarily work for another.

There is One Counselor who has all the answers for me. And for him. For her. For the guy down the block. For the booth dweller three booths from you in the restaurant you sat in last night. For the one on the left. And the one on the right.


This Wonderful Counselor knows you and me, perfectly.

“How do I get my answers?”

“When can I see Him?”

“How can I afford Him?”

“Can I trust Him?”

Yes, we can trust Him. His counsel is free. He is available 24/7. Just a cry away. He has the answers for each of us, and shares those answers with us as we need them.


It’s amazing, even to me, as I have pronounced these answers, that I still continally ask the questions! It is a life long struggle to hear, to understand and to carry out the counsel given by Him. It is an act of faith. Not just faith in anything. Faith in Him.

Karen Carpenter is no longer alive. I dare not give details of her death, for I am not privy to the details. But there was a struggle for her. As there are struggles for us. The Wonderful Counselor was available for Karen, just as He is available for us.

For me.


“…and He shall be called, Wonderful Counselor,  Mighty God, Everlasting Father,  the Prince of Peace…”

JESUS. The Christmas Child. The Babe in the Manger. More than just a babe. A Wonderful Counselor.  How grateful I am at Christmas time for this One who knows me so well.

Life is Lovelier With Lace…

If I will invest the time, He will be there. Free of charge. With Healing Words that I only need to claim and confess. Words to remember for myself. And Words to relay to others. But they are His Words. Life-giving Words. Words to Trust. Words to live by.

Lacey ♡ Finely Fileted ♡ Infinity Scarf ♡ MyrtleGreen & VictoryRed

And how I love to hear from Him, my Wonderful Counselor, while I sit quietly, crocheting.

Lacey♡ Finely Fileted ♡ Infinity Scarf ♡ Wintergreen & Burgundy
Lacey ♡ Finely Fileted ♡ Infinity Scarf ♡  Peppermint Patty

Merry CHRISTmas,

Debbie Ludvigson

The Ludvigson Lace Lady