Life is Lovelier With Lace…and a Christmas, “I Do, I Do!”


In the midst of the Great Preparation for Christmas one year, long ago, there was a young couple about to make a decision that would change the course of history, for them…and the generations to follow.

First, there was Tim. He was quite sure he had found the ‘girl of all girls’ that he hoped would be his wife.


And then there was this girl, who hoped that this guy would finally propose! The ring had been chosen months ago. For a guy she knew quite well by this point, she knew there would probably have to be the element of surprise involved. So she was purposing to be prepared.

Because he knew that she was determined to know, his maneuvering was that much more unascertainable.

We are speaking of a marriage proposal .


The date was December 15, 1979. He had invited her to the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre to see “I Do! I Do!” This invitation was officially offered two months in advance.

“Hmmm,” is all she could say. And, “What will I wear.” 😊

He gave no other ‘subtle’ hints. But what more would you need!

I had nothing to wear! As a ‘poor college student’ my options were limited to the typical comfy ‘study-wear.’

There was this girlfriend of mine, with some gorgeous evening outfit options. But, how might  I phrase my question to her? “I think I’m going to be proposed to on this night; can I borrow your clothes?” Probably not.


However I worded this odd request, I ended up with a very nice, borrowed outfit. And what else did I have to do, but practice saying, “Yes!”

I have no idea what this man with the probable ring in his pocket had to do with the two months of waiting. But finally, the night of all nights arrived. I was dressed and ready when he arrived at my door.

As my apartment door opened, I saw my handsome man of my dreams (and future) awaiting to enter. He had a surprisingly LARGE gift box  in his arms! Purple. Bachman’s flowers. Not a long box, which would contain long stem roses. Of course, he had already done that. Not original enough. And too annoyingly predictable.


I opened the LARGE purple box to find a Christmas silk flower arrangement. A sleigh motif. Nice. Let’s see now, where is the ring hiding…

No ring in the Christmas sleigh arrangement.

And off the Chanhassen we go. The atmosphere was romantic. The food was delicious, although I didn’t taste a thing. The play was…on the topic, you might say!

So, at this point we have experienced a wonderful evening, with all plans – on both our parts – playing out well. My dress and my ‘Yes’ were vigilantly ready for that moment. And he, so smoothly continued to carry on ‘whatever’ his plan was…


Watch “Gaither Vocal Band – Winter Wonderland” on YouTube
Gaither Vocal Band – Winter Wonderland:


On the way home…how romantic! The music from the car radio  was filling the air with, “In the meadow we can build a snowman…and pretend that he is Parson Brown. He’ll say ‘are you married,’ we’ll say, ‘No, man. But you can do the job when you’re in town!'”


I hummed along, in pure delight, as to what was about to happen to me! ‘Yes!’ I continued to practiced…

We arrived back at my apartment. About 12:30am. Instead of coming in for a while, he just said, ‘goodbye’ at the door. With a goodbye-at-the-door kiss.

And that was it! No proposal! No ring!


I went in the bathroom and sulked. Unbelievable. I really thought this would be the night! And it wasn’t! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!

And then, there was a soft knock at my apartment door. ‘Oh, who could that be? At this hour! And I am so forlourn. I don’t want to see anybody!’


Going to the door, dispite how I felt- opening it slightly. Looking out, it was Tim. With a sheepish grin. “Oh, I forgot.” Handing me a small velvet ringbox, he asked. HE ASKED!

“Will you marry me?”

And with all my preparation forgotton, I blurted out, “ARE YOU KIDDING!


Thankfully, I recovered from this out-manuevering man’s method. I said, “Yes!”

And the rest is 37 historical years.

Life is Lovelier With Lace …

Oh my, oh my, oh my. I love lace, yes I do.


But my man. Comparitively speaking, my man makes lace look…unlovely. Gentlemanly then. Gentlemanly now. All-giving love, always. Sacrificial care, easily documented.

I have been blessed with Tim.

Not only do I have my Tim, I have my Tim, who loves my lace.My Tim, CEO of LUDVIGSON LACE.

December 15. Celebrated every year. Celebrating, “Are

you kidding!”


May the LOVE of Christmas be yours today,

Debbie Ludvigson

The Ludvigson Lace Lady


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