Life is Lovelier With Lace…and Spewed Red Christmas Wax


We are now entering that part of December where the well intended Christmas schedule starts to lose its grip.

“Christmas is not just one day! It begins on December 1st,” I would remind Tim every Christmas. “It takes that long to get ready!”

With countless tasks demanding attention in preparation for Christmas Day, I am so grateful for the Advent Wreath. This time together helped keep our family focused on Jesus.


We capitalized on the Advent Wreath every year while the boys were young. When the festivities started to overwhelm, we knew lighting the candles and listening to a story, with a Christmas cookie in hand, would settle everyone down before bed.

In the beginning, Tim would light the first of four candles in the wreath as the boys gathered around. This was for the first Advent week. We were all in attendance. Four boys. Tim. Me.


Intent on what stories they were going to hear from their dad this Christmas,  they were most attentive. And the Christmas cookies helped! Most importantly, at the end of the story, WHO would blow out the candle!

This scenerio occurred for seven nights, the first week. Successfully quieting for our little boys, Advent happened right before they headed for bed.


But inevitably, as we entered week two of Advent, with two candles lit, the attentiveness would begin to waver.  Just as my Christmas schedule began to simultaneously unravel.

“I must hit the road.” Christmas shopping is now behind, and I must catch up; I will leave after Tim gets home from work.


Secrecy reigns. The wardrobe box is crying out to be filled with family presents – especially for our boys. Which means, I must use this advent time to play Mrs. Claus! After toys are purchased they must somehow make it into the wardrobe box while the boys are sleeping.(See blog, The Wardrobe ☺)

Now this is not just a one night extertion. There are four boys and the store shelves don’t always cooperate! Sometimes Plan A must shift to Plan B. Plan B to Plan C. And so on…


Typically I would shop. Tim would do Advent. One candle. Then two. Whew! Now we are into the third week. Three candles! And our boys are now expert at waiting their turn to blow out the candles. And expert at blowing strategies.

As for me, the weeks are starting to blur.


Some nights, Tim would take a turn shopping, and I would carry on with the Advent routine. But even though Dad or Mom were changing positions, Advent remained as consistant as the bedtime.

I suppose I must mention that because I wanted a  ‘Good Housekeeping approval’ on my Christmas decorating, my advent candles were not the traditional pink and purple. They were bright red, because I decorated with red and green. Surely the Advent Wreath would have the same meaning with RED candles!


And might I also mention that I wanted the red candled Advent Wreath placed on white lace. In front of the white, cloth, vertical blinds. “Picturesque, contrasting colors…” I thought.

So now, as we are in the third week of Advent, three red candles are lit. The boys are well trained as to the event sequence. And they are awaiting with bated breath: Each hoping it is their turn to extinguish the red candles.  Perfect setup for making a memory. A red memory.


This particular evening, I had whisked off to the stores while Dad and the boys finished supper. After baths they would ‘do Advent.’


Did you know there is a fascination with BLOWING, amongst children? Especially boys, I personally believe, anyway. Or maybe it’s just the gusto of their blow?

 They believe  blowing is an art.

When I returned from my Christmas errands this particular night of this third holiday week,  I collapsed in the living room to enjoy the lighted tree.

But what did I see? Red speckles covering the white cloth blinds behind the Advent candles? Speckled Blotches. Blotched Speckles. Spewed blotches, speckled. No matter how described, the blinds were indelibly, RED.

What a BLOW. A very artful blow. Conjured up from the depths of his being. Very gusty. Very red. “I wonder whose turn it was,” thought I.


“Oh, my,” was about all I could say outloud. (Or maybe we should ask Tim what I really said!)

Don’t recall if the red wax was ever removed from those blinds.

You see, I have a history of my own red wax disasters. Usually at Christmas time. Because I like red candles!

“Wax paper and iron is sure to remove wax,” they say. “But not red,” I add.


Whether lace or blinds, if red wax invades, let it go. (And remember next time…)

Now we laugh about the spewed red wax. And we relish the memory of the Advent time together, quieting our hearts and minds with a focus on Jesus.

Life is Lovelier With Lace…

Many-a-time my lace doilies have been doused with candle wax. I enjoy candles almost as much as lace! Some tricks of the trade have been learned through the years:

  • Use some inexpensive NON-HANDMADE lace under red wax.
  • Use WHITE candles on white lace! 😊
  • Use RED candles on red lace.😊
  • Etc,….😁
  • Save the red stained lace for the ‘Red’ holidays, placing a red decorative item on top of the stain! (No one will notice. If they do, then you’ve got a story to tell!)


Merry Christmas!

~Debbie Ludvigson, The Ludvigson Lace Lady ♡


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