Life is Lovelier With Lace…and Christmas Snow


Sledding. SNOW. Skating. SNOW. Skiing. SNOW. Shoveling. SNOW.

From a young girl to adulthood, SNOW was part of Winter. Snow and Christmas were synonymous. On an off year, when ‘El nino invaded the northern hemisphere,’ there would be a stunned unacceptance. “What do you do, when there is no SNOW?”

When I grew up, wherever there was a hill, you went sledding. Each neighborhood had an ice skating rink – equipped with a warming house and canteen.


Then there came the day my older sister was determined to get me on the slopes. She gave me a crash course on the ‘herring bone method’  in the living room of her college apartment.

Then suddenly, there we were, together – on the gondola lift to ‘the top.’ We were going to travel down together. Only she slid gracefully down the hill, assuming I would follow suit.

I didn’t. I wasn’t even sure how to get off the gondola! Somehow I did get off and found myself at the bottom of the hill. Embarrassment was my worst injury. Needless to say, that was the last time I wore downhill skis.



Cross-country skiing. Now that was for me! I even received college credit for cross country ski lessons! Besides the fact that there is aerobic benefit, you are actually on somewhat flat ground!  All this as you swoop over the Norway Pine terrain. Awe, yes. Lovely.

Then there was snowmobiling. With our cousins.  My sister and I had opportunity to explore the snowy farm fields riding on their ‘skidoos.’ (Circa, 1960’s) – no need for helmets, the ride was much slower than today!

When the Ludvigson Family moved to Minnesota from Arkansas, with our four southern raised boys, we were anxious to educate them on the many thrilling winter activities not available to them in the south.


Cross-country skiing was a must. Living in a Mora Vasaloppet community, it had priority.



Skating (with boys) is hockey. And the Mora Community Hockey Rink was just a couple blocks away.

Hockey, skiing, snowmobiling, sledding, icefishing. And more. Yup. The boys tried them all.


Much to my chagrin, they seemed to enjoy the fast-paced downhill skiing the most. (Which was fine, as long as all I had to do was watch through the windowed  lodge. And listen for news of injury over the loudspeaker. Which did happen, by the way.)

After a few years in the ‘Northland,’ the SNOW activity that seemed to take precedence was SNOW Shoveling!

With four healthy, strong, active boys, why introduce the snowblower? We introduced shovels instead. At least to start with. After all, they were too young for the other heavy, mechanical device.


And what a Rockwell portrait they made shoveling a driveway together!

It didn’t take long for a booming snowshoveling service to develop!

Our day would start by looking out the window to see if it was snowing. And then, how much snow was falling. Was it accumulating? How fast was the accumulating? Then these entrepreneurial young men would plan their day to shovel as many driveways as they could fit in.


First, it was just a helping hand for an elderly lady. No charge. Then neighbors started to notice. In their own panic as to how they would get out of their garage, they would somehow contact these boys and get on their list!

With the underaged/’not driving yet’ crew needing wheels, who do you think chauffeured! Yours truly! Yup. Spent many hours behind the wheel. Watching what all the neighbors watched. Four boys shoveling methodically. Getting the job done. The price was low. The work was fast. The income was plentious, for YOUNG men.


Ludvigson Lawn Service was their title. Snowshoveling was an add on to an already booming summer business.

Another story. Another time.

But might I tell you about The Ludvigson Lace business blossoming behind the wheel of that entrepreneurial vehicle?

Yes. With the many hours of shoveling snow, I had many hours of crocheting lace. Their shoveling would be done long before my lace was!

Dualing businesses. Everyone in their element.

SNOW. CHRISTMAS. Kinda go together. Whether living in the North  or the South: Some have it. Some dream of it. Some shovel it. Whatever the case may be, we sing about it!

The Ludvigson Lace Lady has enjoyed crocheting lace SNOWFLAKES by the hundreds, yearly. For many years. First, to cover their Christmas tree. Then to cover her mom’s Christmas tree.


Then the snowflakes were crocheted, to be given away. At Christmas. With a Christmas card.

My favorite memory of a snowflake given, is the one given to Teddy. Teddy was in a nursing home. A Texas nursing home. (Another move away.) She was lying in her bed, sleeping when we came by to wish her a “Merry Christmas.”

The snowflake was encased in a paper CD holder, with the transparent center. (The snowflake could be seen through the envelope.) Our expectations was that the snowflake would be removed from the CD envelope and hung as a Christmas ornament.

♡ Lacey ♡ Lover’s Knot ♡ Scarf ♡   Cloud Grey

Our next visit to Teddy brought a piece of conversation that she unknowingly repeated to us over and over again. Even though we explained to her that we had brought the snowflake (which she never removed from the encasement), she had it solidified  in her mind that, “an angel brought it to her.”

Sweet. Teddy was sweet. We loved her. She clung to that snowflake way beyond the holiday.


That is my desire for all of LUDVIGSON LACE... because, Life is Lovelier With lace.

~Debbie Ludvigson

The Ludvigson Lace Lady


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