Life is Lovelier With Lace…and Grandchildren ♡

Life is Lovelier With Lace…and Grandchildren ♡


Meet The Ludvigson Lace Lady’s other personhood:  Grandma Ludvigson. Or “Grandma.”

Just like Mommy and Daddy look forward to hearing their little one finally able to say, “Mommy” and “Daddy,” Grandma is absolutely thrilled to hear, “Grandma!” (Ditto for “Grandpa,” I will speak up for Tim!)

I truly wondered what ‘Grandma Ludvigson’ would be like. After playing the mommy roll for many years, I knew I did not want to play that again. Nor did/do my children, for that matter.


So with the ‘mommy roll’ clearly outof sight (and sound!) I started to see lots of FUN ahead for me! Play ’til you drop! Bring out the toys! “Treat time, isn’t it, Mommy?” – says Grandma.

Just as my own mom often said to me that she had to go to the chiropractor after spending time with her grandchildren, I can say I need recovery time likewise! It’s worth it. Every minute.

Grandmas still have burdens they carry. Some visible.Most invisible. Heavy or light burdens…they are still there. No matter how old you’ve become. Burdens follow each and every one of us until we die. That’s just the way it is! It’s what we do with the Burdens that make the difference.


I believe that Our Heavenly Father gives grandchildren to us to lighten those burdens! After we have spent time on the floor playing ‘puppy,’ or held them close while watching the scary part of their favorite movie, a Grandma can go home wondering what a ‘burden’ is!
Even when we are not able to be close enough to cuddle that most darling little person, we are still lifted high in spirit as we see their pictures, sent to us – now through social media, in lieu of ‘snail mail!’ Grandma now  can get ‘instant gratification!’

As for birthdays and Christmas…all the stops go out! Grandma seems to forget that there is a mommy and daddy behind all this fuss we are making! But, I know for a fact, they don’t mind. Just as I knew when I was in those parental shoes: loving the grandchild IS loving them.


I remember also, from my parenting days,  that there is a fine line between Grandma’s presence too much and not enough. Oh, how I long to be balanced in this act. I guess I must be vigilant and be ready.

For my sweet grandchildren that I love from a distance, my vigilance is played out especially in prayer. I know their Heavenly Father is close to them. He provides and protects as He knows is best. And then there is Facebook…. 


For all my grandchildren, I love you! Have a wonderful day growing and playing. Love your mommy and daddy!

Thank you, ‘Mommies and Daddies’ of my sweet grandchildren, for all you sacrifice in loving them. The time, loss of sleep, diaper expenditure, time playing on the floor, cooking and cleaning around them, standing back to let them learn responsibility,  the no’s to teach them safety, the yes’s to give them growth in new areas….and more that Grandma Ludvigson cannot recall, it is time richly spent.


May you feel the encouragement of our Heavenly Father warmly wrapped around you for your Great Efforts on His behalf. For all children belong to Him. Including us.

And Grandpa Ludvigson sends his hugs and kisses too.

Oh! I got so carried away, I forgot to define how, ‘Life is lovelier With Lace’ when my grandchildren are so very lovely to me!

Let me just say, just as my mom (Grandma Pearson) would leave her grandchildren and go directly to the chiropractor, the Ludvigson Lace Lady/Grandma heads for her crochet needle and her rehabilitating chair – the Lazyboy.


She will crochet contentedly with a smile on her face for ‘endless time,’remembering those sweet ones.

~Debbie Ludvigson, Grandma
The Ludvigson Lace Lady 


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