Life is Lovelier With Lace…and a Christmas Wardrobe Box


The Christmas Wardrobe Box. The most significant item at this moment of this month of the Great Christmas Preparation.
Thanksgiving dinner has been eaten. The dishes are washed. Leftovers are in the frig, waiting for their turn to be downed, in the next few days -when there is no time to cook.

Because Christmas Time is now to begin.

Of course, I am already exhausted from Thanksgiving. The house preparation – family joining us at our home. Or, we travel to theirs! (A bit less exhausting, I must say!) After I remove Thanksgiving decorations from around the house, THEN we can get the Christmas tree out of the WARDROBE BOX and begin decorating for Christmas.


The secret that we NEVER revealed to our four Christmas boys, was that Santa and Mrs. Claus needed the empty wardrobe box to fill with Christmas TOYS!

So while Santa and ‘his elves’ were in the midst of Christmas lights, decorations and lots of Christmas music booming from the stereo, Mrs. Claus would gallavant off to ‘buy groceries!’ As the elves grew older, Santa and I could gallavant together!

But, one thing was certain. The arrival home had to be after the four were already sleeping. Because…

The empty WARDROBE BOX would be opened up to fill with the secret treasures found in the toyshop of the ‘grocery store!


Wrapping would probably not take place until only  a few days…hours (!) before December 25th. This was partly because Santa and his wife had no time previous to this.

And partly because the wrapped gifts would not make it to the actual day of Christmas!

The wardrobe box/hiding place was never discovered by the little boys. Nor when they grew older, for that matter!

It remained Santa and Mrs. Claus’ secret every December. It worked very well.

I still smile at the delight of successfully hiding those presents.(If you did know, my four grown Christmas elves, don’t tell me.)


So, Merry Christmas! Enjoy  preparing for Christmas. A wonderful time of celebration.

Life is Lovelier With Lace…

If ever there was a time I needed my Lace Counselor, it was during these busy, busy, busy December days. If necessary, I would crochet my lace in the late night hours. A lace gift was always on my Christmas gift list – one way or another! So then, I had an excuse to hook away!

~ Debbie Ludvigson 

The Ludvigson Lace Lady 


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