Life is Lovelier With Lace… with Tim, CEO!

LUDVIGSON LACE all began with Tim. ♡
Way back, 1979. Friends. Only friends. Coffee at Perkins. I was suppose to be studying. College was my life. Tim was a Sears salesman. He would be off from another grueling day in Automotive. I didn’t get much studying done. But conversation around many rounds of coffee led to deep relationship.

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Perkins coffee…


Just friends, of course. But he always paid for my “coffee.” I was a poor college student. He, a rich, career salesman.
These coffee chats typically occurred after we were both off from work. Tim, at Sears. Me, at Northwestern Bookstore. (Yes, I was a working college student – which meant for me, not too studious.)
In fact, I had an additional interest taking shape at the bookstore backroom – while on break: crocheting!

“A long time admirer thinks highly of you…”

It was in that bookstore backroom that a girlfriend taught me how to crochet. She – a righthander, taught me – a lefthander via a small hand mirror!
As my confidence grew, I decided to invest in some yarn and actually make an afghan! No pattern. No tutoring for size. Using what little cash I had, I bought 15 skiens of yarn. And started crocheting!
I guess my time was consumed with studying, working, Tim and crocheting!

Tim & Madeleine Albright

It was almost October. Tim’s birthday was soon. My first opportunity to give to him a birthday gift! With what little money I had in my couffers, what could I buy for him?
Well, my afghan was quite precious to me; might he think the same? So, I finished my very first crocheted afghan project, and wrapped it up for Tim.


That was 1979. Before we were married. More than a few years ago, I had to beg Tim to let me throw the afghan in the trash! It was worn out. He allowed me to do so, if I made him another one. Which I did. That one, and then another one!
The latest one is the ‘summer afghan’ for Texas hot weather: Protection from Texas air conditioning! And it now is a section in our shop: CloverFields Anniversary Summer Afghan!
It was Tim’s mom that introduced me to lace crochet. Needless to say, I was immediately hooked! We do have in our possession, heirloom lace from not only Mom Ludvigson, but Grandma Ludvigson – a filet crochet rose patterned bedspread which surely is over 60 years old! (I hope to show that to you soon!)

Tim/ABC Auto  ‘Man of the Year’

So, how appropriate it is for our name, LUDVIGSON LACE ♡!
And ‘understanding’ truly describes my Hubby…CEO, with his very own…Ludvigson Lace Lady/wife!

CloverFields Summer Anniversary Afghan 

~ Debbie Ludvigson, The Ludvigson Lace Lady