Life is Lovelier With Lace

The LACE Counselor

Life is full of bumps and bruises. Sometimes a bit more.

Broken bones. Broken hearts.

Bruised and broken life ‘things’ require fixin’.

And it just so happens that my ‘fixin’ is through crocheting.

Lace, that is.

So through my bumped and bruised grind of many years, I have found a lovely, gracious, peaceful rest in crocheting lace.

Have you noticed that there is seemingly a ‘healing remedy’ that greets you at that crisis point, giving you relief?

When I am faced with a disappointment in my day, I can be comforted by a song. Or gentle breeze. A baby’s giggle. Autumn leaves colorfully dancing to the ground. The smell of fresh brewed coffee. A Done To-Do List. A collapse in my favorite chair after the supper is over and the kitchen gleams.

But I have found that LACE does the trick the best. Crocheting the lace, myself. And that is why – for me – ‘life is lovelier with lace.’

As you hopefully will view my lace shop sometime soon, you will get a glimpse of my Lace Counselor!

And as this Blog Journey begins,  I hope to uncover ‘The Ludvigson Lace Lady’ and allow you to see me in my ‘hooks and knots’ of life. Of course some bruised moments. Also scented flowery memories. And most significantly, rumbles of laughter will be heard and passed on to you. Laughter is Good.

So please stay tuned in. This should be fun!

With hook in hand,

Debbie Ludvigson

‘The Ludvigson Lace Lady’